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    La DAIA denuncia judicialmente a Adrian Salbuchi

    Ante informaciones aparecidas en algunos medios de prensa que dan cuenta de que la DAIA – Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas – ha presentado una denuncia judicial contra el fundador del Proyecto Segunda República (PSR), Adrian Salbuchi, por supuestas “manifestaciones antisemitas y posible delito de amenazas”, el PSR rechaza terminantemente este nuevo atropello de censura y amedrentamiento por parte de los lobbies y grupos de choque pro-Israel y pro-sionistas que operan en la Argentina como la DAIA, que públicamente apoyan y avalan el genocidio que está llevando a cabo el Estado de Israel contra los palestinos en Gaza.

    Con esta nueva maniobra de la DAIA contra la libertad de prensa se pretende imponer su autoritario concepto de “delito de opinión” orwelliano contra Adrian Salbuchi.

    Con nuestro abogado patrocinante, Dr. Juan Gabriel Labaké, hemos elaborado información inicial en la edición del 20 de agosto de 2014 de nuestro programa “Segunda República” transmitido por el Canal TLV1 de televisión por Internet, que puede verse aquí:

    Rogamos se le dé la máxima difusión al presente Comunicado entre medios de prensa escrita, televisiva, radial y en las redes sociales por Internet, dentro y fuera de la Argentina, como así también entre organismos de defensa de los derechos humanos, la libertad de prensa y opinión, y otros.

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    Sovereign Debt for Territory: A new Global Elite Swap Strategy

    In recent decades, dozens of sovereign nations have fallen into ever-deepening trouble by becoming indebted with the “private megabank over-world” for amounts far, far in excess of what they can ever pay back.

    Is this due to bankers’ professional malpractice coupled with government mismanagement on a truly grand scale? Or are we seeing global power elite long-term planners slowly achieving their goals?


    It takes two to Dance the Tango

    Recurrent sovereign debt crises reflect neither “over-lending mistakes” by bankers and investors, nor “innocence” on the part of successive governments in deeply indebted nations.

    Rather, it all ties in with a global model for domination driven by a system of perpetual national debt which I have called “The Shylock Model”.

    As with the tango which requires rhythm and bravado, Argentina is again dancing centre-stage to global mega-bankers’ financial tunes after falling into a new “technical default”. Not just because the country is unable to pay off its massive public debt by heeding the “rules of the game” as written and continuously re-vamped by global usurers, but now with added legal immorality and judicial indecency on the part of New York’s Second District Manhattan Court presided by Judge Daniel Griesa.

    Griesa has shown no qualms in putting US law at the service of immoral parasitic “bankers and investors” such as Paul Singer of the Elliott/NML Fund and Mark Brodsky of the Aurelius Fund.

    The mainstream media inside and outside Argentina refer to these parasitic money “sloshers” as “vulture funds”; a conceptual mistake because one might then be led to believe that other funds and bankers – Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, George Soros, Rothschild, Warburg – are not “vultures” when, in fact, the very foundations of today’s global banking system lie on parasitic pro-vulture rules and laws coupled with an overpowering lack of moral values.

    John Moore / Getty Images / AFP

    Sovereign Debt

    Sovereign debts are a major problem in just about every country in the world, including the US, UK and EU nations. So much so, those debts have become a Damocles’ Swords threatening the livelihood of untold billions of workers around the world.

    One often wonders why governments indebt themselves for so much more than they can ever hope to pay… Here, Western economists, bankers, traders, Ivy League academics and professors, Nobel laureates and the mainstream media have a quick and monolithic reply: because all nations need “investment and investors” if they wish to build highways, power plants, schools, airports, hospitals, raise armies, service infrastructures and a long list of et ceteras, economic and national activities are all about.

    But more and more people are starting to ask a fundamental common-sense question: why should governments indebt themselves in hard currencies, decades into the future with global mega-bankers, when they could just as well finance these projects and needs far more safely by issuing the proper amounts of their own local sovereign currency instead?

    Here is where all the above “experts” go berserk & ballistic, shouting back: “Issue currency? Are you crazy?? That’s against the “rules & laws” of economics!!! Issuing national sovereign currency to finance the real economy’s monetary needs leads to inflation and lost jobs and chaos and… (puts us nice mega-bankers out of a job…)!!.” That’s when they all gang-up into noisy “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!!” mode.

    Then you ask them: What happens when countries default on their unpayable sovereign debts – as they invariably and repeatedly do – not just in Argentina, but in Brazil, Spain, Venezuela, France, Costa Rica, Peru, El Salvador, Portugal, Russia, Bolivia, Iceland, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Thailand, Nigeria, Mexico, and Indonesia?

    Again the voice of the “experts”: “Then countries must “restructure” their debts kicking them forwards 20, 40 or more years into the future, so that your great, great, great grandchildren can continue paying them”. Oh, I see!

    The truth is that countries need public spending to maintain their economies resilient and buoyant, their citizens working, prospering and happy; their nation-states sovereign, strong and secure.

    OK: happy, secure and working populations cannot be defined as a formula that can be readily integrated into “expert” economists’ spreadsheets. However, there’s a basic truth that should be obvious by now: Finance (which is the virtual world of bankers, investments, speculation and usury) should always be fully subordinated to the Real Economy (which is the world of work, production, buildings, milk & bread and services).

    All this begs the obvious question: Since governments have a natural tendency to overspend and end up getting themselves into too much debt, which is the better option then:

    - that their “red numbers” (aka sovereign debt) should be owed to themselves; their own nation-states (debt in local currency that in the last instance can be written off, even if a bad bout of inflation cannot be stopped, countries can always revamp their currencies as Argentina repeatedly did over the past forty years), whereby the whole “debt crisis” basically becomes a short-term internal affair (albeit painful!), or…

    - to convert those “red numbers” into foreign currency debt (US Dollars or Euro) fully controlled by powerful far-away, well-organized creditor-technocrats and global mega-bankers sitting at the FED and IMF in Washington DC; the European Central Bank in Frankfurt; or perched in eager expectation in their Wall Street vulture nests?


    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me

    This tongue-twister, which famously proved too much for Baby Bush to muster, is a fitting description of how the hellish sovereign debt system really works in the long-term.

    Argentina’s recurrent defaults and debt restructuring go back many decades. For brevity’s sake, let’s just point to 1956 right after President Juan Domingo Perón was ousted by a very bloody 1955 US-UK (and mega-banker) sponsored military coup.

    Perón was hated for his insistence on not indebting Argentina with the mega-bankers: in 1946 he rejected joining the International Monetary Fund (IMF); in 1953 he fully paid off all of Argentina’s sovereign debt. So, once the mega-bankers got rid of him in 1956, they shoved Argentina into the IMF and created the “Paris Club” to engineer decades-worth of sovereign debt for vanquished Argentina, something they’ve been doing until today.

    But each sovereign-debt crisis cycle became shorter, more virulent and more toxic.

    By December 2001, Argentina had collapsed financially sinking into the largest sovereign debt default in history. Immediately, the IMF’s deputy manager Anne Krueger proposed some “new and creative ideas” on what to do about Argentina.

    She published them in 2002 in an article on the IMF’s website: “Should Countries like Argentina be able to declare themselves bankrupt?”, in which she said that “the lesson is clear: we need better incentives to bring debtors and creditors together before manageable problems turn into full-blown crises”, adding that the IMF believes “this could be done by learning from corporate bankruptcy regimes like Chapter 11 in the US”.

    She pointed this out as “a possible new approach”, adding that “of course many practical and political obstacles to getting such an approach up and running” needed to be overcome, the “key features would need the force of law throughout the world”, creating “a predictable (global) legal framework”.

    From the stance of global mega-bankers’ geopolitical long-term planners, Ms Krueger’s proposal consisted of first gradually driving countries into receivership, and then sequentially into full-fledged bankruptcy.

    Then as if nations were private corporations like Enron or WorldCom – they could be broken up into as many “digestible” pieces as possible, to be gobbled up by international creditors in some global vulture-fest banquet.

    These ideas were developed in greater detail in her IMF essay, “A New Approach to Debt Restructuring”, and in a “Foreign Affairs” (mouthpiece of the powerful New York-Based Elite think-tank, Council on Foreign Relations) article published in July/August 2002 by Harvard professor Richard N Cooper: “Chapter 11 for Countries”.

    Here, Cooper very matter-of-factly recommends that “only if the debtor nation cannot restore its financial health are its assets liquidated and the proceeds distributed to its creditors – again under the guidance of a (global) court” (!).

    During those turbulent years, the global press – Time and The New York Times, for example – even suggested that the immensely rich Patagonia southern region should secede from Argentina as a defaulted debt payment mechanism.

    In June 2005, however, a new sovereign debt bond mega-swap was instrumented by Argentina’s new president, Nestor Kirchner, and his Finance Minister Roberto Lavagna.

    However, as Argentina became more and more structurally mired in debt, its sovereign debt crisis cycle grew shorter and shorter so that by 2010 a new debt crisis was in the books involving yet more debt reengineering, this time by President Cristina Kirchner and her Economy Minister (and today prosecuted Vice President) Amado Boudou.

    But that too failed to hold for long, and today Singer’s NML/Elliot Fund and Brodsky’s Aurelius Fund have pushed Argentina again into default, this time with the legal backing of local Manhattan Federal Judge Griesa and the US Supreme Court.

    The very fact that today the fate of Argentina’s sovereign debt lies with the US Judiciary is an eloquent sign of things to come.


    Don’t kill the Hen that lays Golden Eggs!

    Surprisingly, Ms Krueger recently came out in “defense” of Argentina recommending Judge Griesa and his “Vulture Nest” boys should not act hastily killing off the Argentine hen that lays golden eggs.

    In an article published July 2014, she warns that the “US Supreme Court’s decision on Argentina adds a new wrinkle, and may very well further increase the risk attached to holding sovereign debt and this, to the cost of issuing it.”

    The specialized and mainstream media – Financial Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Economist – are also recommending Judge Griesa and his vulture chicks to show more restraint because in today’s delicate post-2008 banking system, a new and less controllable sovereign debt crisis could thwart the global elite’s plans for an “orderly transition towards a new global legal architecture” that will allow orderly liquidation of financially-failed states like Argentina. Especially if such debt were to be collateralized by its national territory (what else is left!?)

    Will yet another sovereign debt bond mega-swap be imposed upon Argentina, this time with large swathes of its national territory – especially Patagonia – being used as collateral guarantee?

    That would mean that in a few years’ time the Shylocks in Wall Street and London will do everything they can to yet again push Argentina into default, since that would pave the way for them to “legally” take over its territory cashing in on their collateral as “compensation”.

    Remember: usurer Shylock drooled at the mouth whilst sharpening his knife preparing to cut deep into Merchant Antonio’s heart. He didn’t give a damn about the 3000 ducats owed him: he just wanted the pound of flesh “legally” his.

    Is this what the coming “Sovereign Debt Model” will look like?

    If we tie this all in with what the unfolding of “Act III” in the on-going Israel-Palestine crisis whereby re-settling millions of Israeli civilians into southern Argentina might be on the drawing board, we can then begin to understand how nicely Argentina’s next debt crisis will tie in: The global Rothschild’s, Warburg’s, Lazard’s, Soros, Rockefellers will be able to “legally” take over Patagonia, and then “legally” hand it over to whomever they wish without a single shot being fired!

    If this is what’s really happening behind-the-curtains regarding Argentina, does anybody believe it will stop there?

    Beware Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Ukraine, Brazil, South Africa – the world government is marching in!


    Web site: http://rt.com/op-edge/179772-sovereign-debt-for-territory/

    Spanish version in RT Español: http://actualidad.rt.com/expertos/salbuchi/view/136059-israel-palestina-argentina-gaza

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    Israel’s False Flagsover Argentina

    The two worst terror attacks in Argentine history occurred in 1992 and 1994: the bombings of first Israel’s Embassy and then the AMIA Jewish Mutual building.

    Two decades on, no one knows who was responsible forthese horrendous attacks that killed almost 200.  Now, a former Israeli Ambassador’s explosive declarations shed new light on what were probably two Zionist-sponsored False Flag attacks.

    Israel’s former ambassador to Argentina from 1993 to 2000, Itzhak Aviran revealed on 2nd January that Israeli agents had already sent most of the terrorists responsible for the 1994 attack against the AMIA building “to the other world”.  The AMIA Mutual building also housed the powerful DAIA – Delegation of Israeli Associations in Argentina – pro-Israel lobby.  In his own words:“those who perpetrated the terror attack against the AMIA building have been dispatched to the other world.  We (Israel) did that!”.

    The meaning is clear: the terrorists were all egedly executed by Israel although Mr Aviran gave no names; submitted no proofs.  Not surprisingly, Israel’s government immediately issued a full denial:“the statements of former Ambassador Aviran, retired since fifteen years ago, are completely unconnected with reality.  He made these statements without any authority or knowledge.  They are pure fantasy andunder no circumstances reflect the truth behind the events he tried to describe.  Israel continues to cooperate in a fully transparent manner with Argentina in investigating these attacks”.

    Argentina’s foreign minister Héctor Timerman – himself a left-wingJew and son a journalist persecuted in the late seventies by the US-backed civilian-military regimethatusurped power in Argentina – stated that former ambassador Aviran’s statements reflected “Israeli revenge and clandestine executions”,and could be explained by Israel’s opposition to the “Memorandum of Understanding” which Argentina and Iran signed a year ago in order to clarify once and for all who really perpetrated the 1994 AMIA attack.

    Mr. Timerman described ambassador Aviran’s declarations as “extremely grave” because they prove Israel “hides vital information from Argentina’s courts thus hindering new evidence that could clarify this case”.


    The “truth” is what I say it is…

    Argentine investigations into both terror attacks have beenriddled with two decades of corruption under successive “democratic” governments, beginning with Carlos Menem who was president when both attacks took place, through presidents Fernando De la Rua, Eduardo Duhalde and Nestor Kirchner; and up to Cristina Kirchner’s present Administration.

    Ever since both bombs went off, weak Argentina has been no match for US and Israeli meddling and interference.  They immediately imposed their own geopolitical interests – keen on creating casusbelli against their Middle Eastern enemies, notably Syria and Iran – through their powerful local embassies and clandestine agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, Mossad, Shin Beth and others, under the guise of  “helpingwith the investigations”.

    Thus, inexistent car bombswere invented out of thin air; Syrian and Iranian “connections” were suitably falsified, as seven weak and corrupt Argentine judges heard these cases over the past two decades.

    One judge on the AMIA case – Juan Galeano, since impeached – even allowed the then president of DAIA Ruben Beraja (later jailed for the fraudulent collapse of his bank, Banco Mayo) to bribe a shady car dealer named Carlos Telleldín to the tune of u$s 400,000 so he would falsely accuse a non-existent “Syrian Connection” that would in turn lead to an “Iranian connection…”

    The AMIA attack’s car bomb theory was all based on a small scrap of metal carrying a van serial number that was found inthe ground zero rubble by…. a “lucky” Israeli intelligence officer!!  (…it kind of reminds you of Mohamed Atta’s intact passport found on World TradeCentre’s ground zero by the “lucky” FBI, doesn’t it?)

    Anyway, the years turned into decades and shifting US foreign policy in the Middle East – especially towards Iran – putArgentina’s successive weak and structurally corrupt governments under great pressure as the combined forces of the US State Department, CIA, Mossad, DAIA, AMIA, mainstream media, and Zionist lobbies shoved and pushed Argentina around like a cork on the high seas.

    An example:when George W Bush’s NeoCons were desperately seeking a cassusbelli against Iran andArgentina’s then president Nestor Kirchner was in New York City in September 2006, they had himwhisked to a secret meeting inthe Waldorf-Astoria Hotel with eight powerful Zionist organizations that convinced him, his foreign minister Jorge Taiana and then first-lady, national senator, and soon-to-become president Cristina Kirchner that they MUST accuse Iran of masterminding the AMIA attack.

    Clearly, the Kirchners were made an offer they couldn’t refuse as they immediately named local fanatical Zionist Alberto Nisman as Argentina’s federal prosecutor on the AMIA case.  Heimmediately visitedWashington DC from where he returned with “proof” that former Iranian president Ali Rafsanjani and eight of his ministers masterminded, financed and organized the AMIA attack through Hezbollah.

    That tremendously irresponsible accusation against a former president of Iran was tantamount to a declaration of war on the part of Argentina but, not to worry: Baby Bush was standing tall behind the Tiny Kirchners…

    “Argentine” prosecutorNisman even gave a full briefing onhis case against Iran to the Supreme Court…. of Israel!!

    That such an obscene and obvious fabrication was untenable, and Argentina would come undergreat heat was no surprise.


    Obama rescues Cristina

    Salvation for Cristina Kirchner, however, came when president Obama (or should we say the US Military Establishment?) decided to moderateAmerica’s Iran policy, to the present desperation and near nervous-breakdown of Benjamin Netanyahu and his Saudi pals.

    Early last year, Obama subtly winked at Cristina giving her a green light to moderate Argentina’s gross accusations against Iran and seek “amicable dialogue” instead.  She thusordered foreignminister Timerman to approach Iran, which led to the “Memorandum of Understanding” signed with Iran, in orderto find the real “whodunits” behind the AMIA bombing.

    The wailing and howling of DAIA, AMIA, OSA (Argentine Zionist Organization), World Jewish Congress, Israel’s Embassy, AIPAC and the local Zionist-controlled media like “Clarin” and “La Nación” has since been deafening!!

    The“Memorandum of Understanding”includes setting up a joint Argentine-Iranian “Truth Commission” withrepresentatives from five countries with themissionofgetting to the bottom of the terror attack: two countries will be named by Argentina; two by Iran; and a fifth umpire country, to be mutually agreed.

    The obviously big, fat question however is:if Argentina’s Zionist federal prosecutor Alberto Nisman, JudgeRodolfo Canicoba Corral, and all those powerful local and international Zionist lobbies have “proof that Iran is to blame”, then why do we now need a “Truth Commission”?

    If the enemies of Iran have all the “truth” in their handswhich they canuse as a further excuse to unilaterally attack and destroy Iran – as they did with Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria – then why don’t they just come out with that “truth, evidence and proof” showing it to the world?

    The ugly truth – the Real Truth – is obviously otherwise.  The 1994 AMIA bombinghas all the trimmings of an Israeli false flag attackagainst Argentina that came in the wake of extreme Israeli-Zionist in-fighting triggered byultra-right-wing Zionist racist fundamentalists then bent on ousting Israel’s Labour Party from power.

    The authorexplains this in an October 2009 interview with Dr Jim Fetzer, co-founder of “Scholars for 9/11 Truth”, within the framework of Zionist false flag tactics:http://www.voltairenet.org/article162474.html

    One need only look at the timeline ofmilestones taking place in Israel at the time of both terror attacks, especially afterIsraeliLabour Party’sYitzhak Rabin became prime minister in 1993andgenuinely tried to strike peace with the Palestinians.

    On 1st July 1994 Rabin allowed Yasser Arafat to return to Palestine from exile, sendingultra-right-wing Zionists climbing up the walls.  Two weeks later, on 18th July the pro-Labour AMIA building was bombed in Argentina.  The climax of this Zionist internal mafia war came on 4th November 1995 when prime minister Rabin was assassinated in aTel-Aviv street.By a Muslim radical?  No…By some Neo-Nazi?   Nope…

    By one Amir Ygal, member of the fanatical ultra-right-wing Zionist illegal settlers’ movement, connected to Shin Beth, Israel’s internal security department which Rabin was revamping as it was out-of-control.


    Forcing Reality

    Buenos Aires newspaper“La Nacion” reports that a high Argentine ministry of foreign affairs official said that the government of Israel insists that“Iran’s guilt has already been proven;why continue investigating?”

    Proof?  What proof?  Mossad’s?  the CIA’s?  the State Department’s?  DAIA’s and AMIA’s…??

    Former ambassador Aviran’s shot-in-the-foot has hurt DAIA, AMIA, Israel, Nisman and the entire Zionist lobby who all continue to insist that Iranian officialsstill alive today are guilty for the AMIA bombing and should be captured and tried.  But how’s that possible if Mr. Aviran now reveals that “Israel killed them all”?

    Interesting also is that in March 2010 another former Israeli ambassador to Argentina, Daniel Gazit, made similar statementsto “Perfil” newspaper on the 1992 Embassy attack saying“we (Israel) know who was behind the 1992 attack against the Israeli embassy, who organized it, who received the order, who did it, names and all…”.

    Experts later concluded that the Embassy imploded;thatthere was no car bomb; and that something inside the building (a clandestine Israeli arsenal in downtown Buenos Aires, maybe?) blew up with catastrophic consequences .

    Like the proverbial six-year old brat who explodes into a screaming tantrum every time he can’t get his way, Ambassador Aviran went ballistic.

    When experts from Argentina’s National Engineering Academy at Tucuman University concluded in their report to Argentina’s Supreme Court that the Embassy explosion came from inside, Ambassador Aviran branded the University as Anti-Semitic, the engineering surveyors as Anti-Semites, and the Supreme Court and its president Julio Nazareno as Anti-Semites… all on nationwide TV!


    Not first time Israeldouble-crosses Argentina

    Argentina has a sad history of being friendly towards Israel, and accommodating to its tiny (0.5% of Argentine population),albeit extremely powerful Jewish community.  When in 1949 Juan Perón was president, Argentina was the first South American country to officially recognize the State of Israel.

    And yet, such friendship was seldom reciprocated by Israel.  When Argentina officially invited Israeli officials to attend the 150thIndependence Day celebrations in 1961, the El-Al Bristol Britannia airplane landing in Buenos Aires brought a clandestine Mossad/Shin Bethhit squad whichimmediately kidnapped oneGerman resident in Argentina by the name of RicardoKlement – aka, Adolf Eichmann – and illegally flewhim from Argentina to Israel where he was “tried” and executed.

    Argentina filed a strong complaint at the UN whose Resolution 138 ratified breach of Argentine sovereignty but – as I say above – Argentina is too weak a country to be able to stand up to powerhouse countries’ Don Corleone tactics.

    The case of Eichmann is very revealing.  This SS officer – fluent in Yiddish and Hebrew – was intensely involved in negotiations during World War II between Germany’s SS – SchutzStaffeln – and key Zionist organizations, working together on one very specific common goal: getting as many Jews out of Europe as possible.

    The Zionists wanted European Jews to be shipped to British-controlled Palestine, and the Germans too! Imagine: the SS and Zionists working together during World War Two!!

    How embarrassing if Eichmann had decided to write his wartime memoires…  Better for Mossad to kidnap him in weak Argentina, ship him off to Tel-Aviv, and have him legallylynched.

    That’s how Zionism, Mossad, CIA, State Department, DAIA, AMIA, World Jewish Congress, AIPAC and other Zionist entities work in their global spider-web of power…

    Why, even the very terror tactic of bombing public buildings in downtown urban areas can be traced back to the Zionist terror organization Irgun Zvai Leumi’s bombing of the Jerusalem King David Hotel housing British authorities in July 1946!

    The leader of that attack which killed almost 100 was one terrorist by the name of Menachem Begin, who would later become Israel’sprime minister and a Nobel “Peace” Prize laureate…

    Hey!  Shouldn´t we be reviewing the World Trade Centerattack under this new light?


    Adrian Salbuchi for RT

    ­Adrian Salbuchi is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in Argentina. www.asalbuchi.com.ar

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    ​FED up? Hundred years of manipulating the US dollar

    Monday 23 December marks the 100th Anniversary of the creation of the Federal Reserve System – the Central Bank of the United States of America.

    The mainstream media are keeping remarkably quiet about this key milestone.

    No doubt, they know only too well that growing millions of workers inside and outside the US are realizing that a century of central banking monopoly in the hands of a private clique of usurer banksters is enough. More than enough!

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas…

    …when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse”. These words written by 19th Century American poet, Clement Clarke Moore, aptly describe the scene a hundred years ago when the Federal Reserve Act was discretely rubberstamped in the US Congress: true, hardly a mouse was stirring either in the House or in the Senate… But the big rats were definitely there to vote in their act!

    1913: Woodrow Wilson was President of the United States; World War One was but eight months away; and three years earlier a very hush-hush meeting had taken place at mega-banker, John Pierpont Morgan’s, private estate on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia.

    Bloomberg News described this in a February-15, 2012 article as “a secret meeting that launched the Federal Reserve Bank. In November 1910, a group of government and business leaders fashioned a powerful new financial system that has survived a century, two world wars, a Great Depression and many recessions.”

    That’s the Bloomberg Version. The ugly truth is probably exactly the opposite: in November 1910 a group of government, banking and business leaders fashioned a powerful new financial system that triggered, promoted and imposed a century of conflict and genocide, including two world wars, a Great Depression, many recessions and systematic mega-banker bailouts using taxpayer’s money.

    In 1995, American investigator and author, G. Edward Griffin, published what is clearly the most authoritative book on the “FED” – as it is colloquially called in banking circles and by the mainstream media – “The Creature from Jekyll Island”.


    Mark Wilson/Getty Images/AFPMark Wilson/Getty Images/AFP

    Griffin’s book describes how a top secret conspiracy – sorry, can’t think of a better phrase – of very high-powered bankers, government officials and foreign agents met to plan the take-over of the American economy, finance and national currency, the US Dollar, to then wage global wars of conquest.

    Bloomberg went on to describe how Rhode Island Senator, Nelson Aldrich, whose daughter married John D. Rockefeller Jr, “invited men he knew and trusted, or at least men of influence who he felt could work together: Abram Piatt Andrew, assistant secretary of the Treasury; Henry P. Davison, a business partner of JP Morgan’s; Charles D. Norton, president of the First National Bank of New York; Benjamin Strong, another Morgan friend and the head of the Bankers Trust; Frank A. Vanderlip, president of the National City Bank; and Paul M. Warburg, a partner in Kuhn, Loeb & Co. and a German citizen.”

    Paul Warburg was the actual mastermind behind the FED. Interestingly, his main partner at Kühn, Loeb & Co, Jakob Shiff, had just financed the Japanese war against the Russian Tsar; he would later channel 20,000,000 US dollars via a Russian exile living in Brooklyn by the name of Lev Davidovich Bronstein (better known as Leon Trotsky) to ensure the 1917 victory of the Bolshevik Revolution.

    Neither ‘Federal’, nor ‘Reserve’, nor a ‘Bank’

    Actually, it’s a “system”. Officially, the “Federal Reserve System” wields full control over the US Dollar, not to serve the American people but on the contrary the interests of private bankers, who hold its very special type of stocks and shares.

    In practice, the FED is over 95 percent privately-owned, is not integrated into the US Government, nor accountable to any branch of government. There is nothing “Federal” about it as it lies fully outside the government system of checks-and-balances.

    Nor does it “Reserve” anything. Rather it arbitrarily prints all the money the mega-bankers and power elites need to keep the “globalized” world rolling in the direction that they wish and need. This includes such things as multi-trillion dollar “quantitative easings” to keep Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, CityCorp, Wachovia and JPMorgan Chase happy and “healthy”; financing clandestine and terror operations to overthrow the governments of Iran, Nicaragua, Argentina, Cuba, Chile, Syria, Libya, Vietnam and many others; waging decades-long wars against Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Africa and Latin America; unflinchingly supporting “little Israel’s” genocide in Palestine and its “democratic” 400-bomb strong nuclear program; and keeping Wall Street on permanent life-support.

    Finally, it is definitely no “Bank” in the sense of a financial institution promoting the credit needs of the real economy for the benefit of the vast majority of the working population’s needs.

    Rather, the FED supports the financial needs of the global war system, covert operations, usury, drug dealers, and the global banksters.


    Reuters/Kevin LamarqueReuters/Kevin Lamarque

    The FED answers to no one. It clearly does not serve “We the People” of the US or anywhere else. Its purpose is to serve the global power elites, regularly meeting to plan world government through entities like the Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, World Economic Forum and others forming part of todays’ intricate planetary web of global money power.

    Straight from the horse’s mouth

    In a Public Broadcast System (PBS) interview on “News Hour” aired on September 18, 2007, US journalist Jim Lehrer had this Q&A session with former decades-long Fed Chairman (and JP Morgan bank officer) Alan Greenspan:

    Jim Lehrer: “What is the proper relationship between a chairman of the Fed and a president of the United States?”

    Alan Greenspan: “Well, first of all, the Federal Reserve is an independent agency, and that means, basically, that there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take. So long as that is in place and there is no evidence that the administration or the Congress or anybody else is requesting that we do things other than what we think is the appropriate thing, then what the relationships are don’t frankly matter.”

    Huh? If you’re a US citizen, you should re-read the above once or twice.

    The FED System lies at the root of US “superpower” status. Allow me to explain how the FED scam really works from the point of view of someone living in Argentina – a very down-trodden country repeatedly made to bite the dust by the global power elites through their local agents imposed upon us through money-power “democracy”.

    This means that every time Argentina needs to buy 100 dollars-worth of, say, oil, medicines or technological components, the Argentine people must work to earn those 100 dollars through exports and genuine work.

    By comparison, every time the US Government needs to buy 100 dollars-worth of oil, medicines or whatever, all they need to do is tell the Fed to print 100 dollars and that’s that. Let’s just say that this makes it much easier to be a “superpower”.

    OK, the mechanism’s not that simple, but this certainly explains schematically how the whole US-Dollar power system really works. It also explains why the elites won’t tolerate anybody challenging the dollar.

    Oh, when the Fed… comes marchin’ in…

    Look at the world’s oil market. It is a monopoly run by three global trading centers located in New York, London and Dubai. The idea is to ensure that “petro-dollars” flow around the world 24/7, and only incidental small amounts should flow back into the US financial system.

    This explains why when in late 2002 Saddam Hussein decided he would do his UN-sanctions authorized “One Billion Dollars Iraqi Oil for Food” trade with the West in euros instead of dollars, he was quickly visited by the Fed’s military branch in March 2003.

    Or take Muammar Kaddafi who in 2011 was about to launch a program to trade Libyan and North African oil using a new gold-backed currency – the gold dinar. He too got a little visit from Peace Prize Barack and Babylon Hillary. Do you begin to see the pattern?

    But don’t think that the FED’s global financial enslavement system is simply aimed outside the US; it kicked off a century ago by first silently enslaving the very people of the United States it is supposed to serve.

    Here’s how that works: every time the US Government decides to put money into circulation – those 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 dollar bills we’re all so familiar with – instead of asking the government mint to print them at a penny’s cost in paper and ink, the government instead asks the private banksters at the Fed to print those bills for the Treasury, in exchange delivering to the Fed interest-bearing US Treasury Bills and Bonds, which translates into trillions of dollars’ in profits funneled to the private banking elite though the Fed.

    It was all so well planned a hundred years ago, that just before the Federal Reserve Act was passed on December 23, 1913, they also maneuvered to close this parasitic circle, for if the US Government was to begin making gigantic interest payments to the Fed just for printing its own money, they first needed to have a revenue scheme in place to milk the American taxpayer: the Income Tax Act!


    Mark Wilson/Getty Images/AFPMark Wilson/Getty Images/AFP

    Actually, it was the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution passed by Congress in July 1909, and enacted as law in February 1913. Thus international banksters have been ripping off Americans and getting America to fight their wars as proxies for a full century, whilst most of the population haven’t got a clue of what’s going on.

    Clearly, the FED lies so far above the US White House, Congress and Supreme Court, that over the past five decades no one has been able to have a proper audit done on its books and numbers. Oh, you Homer Simpsons!

    Not that you haven’t been warned. In 1923, Minnesota representative, Charles Lindbergh, father of the famous aviator, sent an early warning: “The financial system has been turned over to the Federal Reserve Board which administers the finance system by authority of a purely profiteering group. The system is private, conducted for the sole purpose of obtaining the greatest possible profits from the use of other people’s money.”

    In the 60’s, republican senator and presidential candidate, Barry Goldwater, said “most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of international moneylenders; the accounts of the Federal Reserve system have never been audited; it operates outside the control of Congress and manipulates the credit of the United States.” Today, former representative, Ron Paul, has been sending the same message.

    Even president John Kennedy understood this when he issued Executive Order No. 11110 on June 4, 1963, ordering the US Treasury to print zero-interest public money to the tune of 4.3 billion dollars, fully bypassing the Fed. But he too ran into some trouble in Dallas barely five months later on 22 November.

    Epilogue: Fed Up?

    One would have thought that something as important as whether to continue to allow a private FED to operate in its present format, or revamping it, or even doing away with it after a whole century, would be something that should be squarely on the American and global public agenda… big time!

    And yet all we have is silence from the US Government, Congress and politicians; silence from world leaders; total silence from the mainstream media, and from the academic world.

    And so you little parasitic mega-bankers running planet Earth: come Monday 23 December you can uncork all the champagne you like and celebrate your “One Hundredth Masters of the Universe Slave Drivers Anniversary”, partying on straight into Christmas Day.

    Then, come Thursday 26th, just carry on crucifying the entire world. For you it will be business as usual.

    The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

  • General

    Salbuchi: “Si cae Siria, cae Irán y luego el ataque va directamente contra Rusia”

    “Lo que quiere EE.UU. es llegar a Irán, pero a través de Damasco. Primero, tienen que hacer caer a Damasco para concentrar luego todo el fuego contra Irán”, insiste Salbuchi. Las acusaciones contra el Gobierno de Al Assad sobre el uso de gas mortal son absurdas, opina. “En EE.UU. hay una actitud de tolerancia cero hacia los estados auténticamente soberanos que no se alinean a EE.UU. No hay puntos intermedios: o se está con EE.UU. o se está en contra de ellos”, comenta el analista. Al mismo tiempo, advierte de que una acción militar en Siria podría desembocar en unas consecuencias totalmente imprevisibles. “Siria es un aliado tradicional de Rusia. Si cae Siria, luego cae Irán y luego el ataque va directamente contra Rusia, con lo cual estamos viviendo momentos muy, muy peligrosos. Se está jugando con fuego y el descontrol de esta situación incluso podría derivar en una confrontación entre las potencias occidentales y Rusia y sus aliados de consecuencias absolutamente imprevisibles”, argumenta.

    La retórica bélica de países como EE.UU., Reino Unido, Francia, Turquía y Alemania hacia Siria se incrementó en los últimos días. A pesar de que los investigadores de la ONU todavía no han confirmado los ataques químicos durante el conflicto sirio, dan por hecho el uso de gases mortales por parte de las tropas gubernamentales e insisten en la necesidad de emprender una acción militar en Siria sin la autorización de la ONU, ya que la iniciativa requeriría la aprobación por parte de Rusia y China en el Consejo de Seguridad, y ambos estados se oponen a la intervención internacional en el país árabe.

    Video completo: http://actualidad.rt.com/actualidad/view/104111-siria-iran-ataque-rusia

  • English

    Israel: The Missing Link in the Syrian Puzzle

    As the world holds its breath, wondering when the US and its allies will attack Syria, Western governments and its well-oiled mainstream media seem to be ignoring a key player that has kept strangely quiet during this crisis: Israel.

    Today, US power rests heavily on its terrifying military, its industrial-financial complex, and its global media clout.  But that power is fast eroding because, in the age of the Internet, power is increasingly much more about prestige, credibility and trust, an area where the US is falling to pieces.

    US interventionism has become all too blatant over the past 20 years. The Balkans War in the late 1990s, with the bombing of Belgrade, triggered initial alarms especially amongst non-ally countries because, coupled with Bush Sr.’s 1991 Gulf War, it became clear that the  American global hegemon was out to get the whole world, especially with the former Soviet Union out of the way.

    But what got red lights blinking really strongly was Iraq.  Baby Bush’s false accusations of “weapons of mass destruction” as an excuse to take out an entire country just so he could “smoke out” an uncomfortable former associate, Saddam Hussein, were blatantly obscene and proved to many that the American global hegemon was officially out of control.

    Back then, America still had the excuse of the horrendous 9/11 terror attacks in New York and Washington to justify its mass war-mongering.  But American credibility took a sharp fall when George W himself ended up admitting that: (a) there was no connection whatsoever between nasty Saddam and nasty Osama who allegedly did 9/11 (Alas! We’ll never know because Obama later threw Osama into the ocean…) and (b) there most definitely, assuredly and unequivocally were NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq…  Add to that the burden of growing proof that 9/11 may have been a false flag…

    So, America had to design a new system of war or, rather a new system of getting itself into war against its selected “rogue state” targets.  It’s no longer enough to go on TV and accuse such and such a country of being a “danger to world peace” or that it “does not have the kind of democracy that we want to see” as Hillary Clinton said when visiting Egypt only last year…

    No.  Something new had to be invented: “The Arab Spring”, which is the code for instigating, triggering and engineering civil strife in target countries which can then be escalated, as necessary, to veritable social war.  And if the ongoing leadership still don’t get the message and insist on clinging to power, then US, UK, Israeli and other intel agencies can escalate the engineered nationwide mischief all the way up to fully–fledged civil war.  Libya, Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq… of the Islamist Syrian opposition group Ahrar al-Sham fires against a Engineering such wars throughout the Middle East basically requires:

    (a) Identifying who the “freedom fighters” would be – mostly thugs, terrorists, guerrillas, soldiers of fortune and a wide assortment of violent mercenaries;

    (b) Then arming them with lethal high (though not too “high”)-tech weaponry, financing them to ensure they can do as they please inside the target country, and

    (c) Unleashing them onto the cities of Egypt, Libya, Syria and elsewhere, just as they did (and still do) inside Iraq.

    And if all of that doesn’t work, then just order several NATO fighter squadrons to bomb the damn place to smithereens and provide satellite Intel to local “freedom fighters” so they can execute Hollywood-like operations such as the live-TV assassination of Muammar Gaddafi and his family, accompanied by Hillary Clinton’s chuckles on CBS TV.

    But the case of Syria is different.

    The world will no longer have America pulling the wool over its eyes.  Growing sectors in the international community are coming to understand that those gangs of violent assassins, rapists and criminals – aka Syrian Freedom Fighters – have been armed, trained, financed and given the fullest media support by the US and its allies.

    America’s dirty tricks department is raving full-blast right now trying to pin recent chemical weapons attacks on Bashar al-Assad’s government, but this is getting very low credibility ratings.  Common sense dictates that it would be suicide for President Bashar Assad to kill his own civilians – including children – in a Damascus neighborhood, when his real enemies are the Western-backed terrorists and delinquents trying to take over his country.

    Why would Assad give his enemies the “perfect excuse” for an armed attack against Syria?  Common sense tells us that Assad is surely telling the truth when he accuses those very same terrorists for that “false flag” attack as a way of bringing NATO in on their side, with its jets, cluster bombs and napalm.

    Every time we hear of such dreadful terror attacks we need to understand two fundamental issues: (1) who benefits from such attacks, and (2) follow the money trail…

    Today, America’s credibility, trust and prestige have fallen so low that even the British Parliament finally disavowed any armed intervention by the UK, at least until such time as the UN or some truly trustworthy independent entity churns up irrefutable proof regarding who perpetrated those heinous chemical weapons atrocities in Syrian last week.

    sh Prime Minister David Cameron (R) speaking at the dispatch box delivering his statement to the Houses of Parliament next to British Deputy So David Cameron cannot just yet go into “puppy poodle mode” behind Obama, as his predecessor Tony Blair did so obediently behind George W. a decade ago over Iraq.

    But let’s look at three factors that are missing in the ongoing analysis of the Syrian crisis:

    1) Israel

    Ever since the two Gulf wars, America has been fighting Israelis’ wars for them.  In the case of the 2003 invasion and destruction of Iraq, this was so obvious that the very same NeoCons who in 1996-7 planned war against Iraq in their “Project for a New American Century (PNAC)” think-tank – Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Bush, Douglas Feith, David Wormser and others – would later execute that war in 2003 as top officers in the George W. Bush regime.  The prime reason: Saddam Hussein was then the greatest threat to “democratic and favored ally” Israel.

    Several of those NeoCons – Douglas Feith, David Wormser, Richard Perle and other Bushites – had already gone so far as to prepare a strategy report for Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996 called “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” which, again, targeted Iraq as Israel’s key foe at the time.

    So, the Iraq War was to a great extent a proxy war that only benefitted Israel, becoming a huge headache for America, which lost thousands of its sons.

    As the former prime minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Bin Mohammed, once famously pointed out: “The Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.”

    2) Israel

    The excessive and overpowering role that Zionism plays in American politics, American finance, American universities, American mainstream media including it Hollywood “entertainment industry,” and over American foreign policy, has been all but proven. This vital issue today lies at the heart of an increasingly far-reaching debate among America’s intelligentsia, which is, of course, being hushed up by the mainstream media.

    One of its milestones was played out by two of its prestigious academics – Stephen Walt, former Dean of the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and his colleague John Mearsheimer, professor of Political Science at Chicago University – who published their groundbreaking book: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” in 2007.

    In it, they show in a very convincing and well-documented manner the long reach and powerful clout that the “Israel First” lobby exercises over the US media, the banks, the Congress, the State Department and the Pentagon, whereby they are able to systematically tip the scales in favor of Israel, no matter what the cost. No matter if right or wrong.
    And the cost to America has been extremely detrimental to its National Interest.  Here lies one of the roots of much of the disrespect, mistrust and even hate that growing sections of global public opinion feel towards the US and its key allies.

    3) Israel

    President Barack Obama’s problem right now is that America’s military establishment is very much aware of the stakes involved in any “preventive attack” against Syria and, much more importantly, against Iran.  Intervention against either or both countries will undoubtedly lead to massive war in the Middle East.

    Look at a map: Syria and Iran lie squarely inside Russia’s vital geopolitical sphere of interest, which is already under heavy Western encroachment.  Read their lips: Russia is saying, “not one step further!”

    America would do very well to think twice or thrice before doing anything rash…

    But here comes the problem: ever since Israel was kicked out of Southern Lebanon in July 2006 by the well-armed and trained (by Iran and Russia) forces of Hezbollah commanded by Nasrallah, Israel has been licking its wounds; dark furor and revenge burns in Zionism’s heart.

    Since Bibi Netanyahu came back to power in 2011, Israel has gone into preventive war mode, using Iran’s inexistent nuclear program as a pretext.  For that past four or five years, Israel has been threatening Iran with military attack almost every other day, with Washington, London and Paris nervously obliging…

    in Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, uses a diagram of a bomb to describe Iran’s nuclear program while delivering his address to the 67th United Nations

    The American military, however, are painfully aware that there’s some truth to former Prime Minister Mahathir’s words.  They don’t want to fight yet another Israeli war this time in Iran.  So, they have been acting as a brake which is reflected in Obama’s increasing “caution” regarding Iran, going so far as to dispatching his military top brass to Israel to calm Netanyahu down, trying to make sure Israel does not launch a unilateral “preventive attack” on Iran that will drag the US into a massive conflict in the Middle East, the results of which are far from clear.

    Actually a US-UK defeat in the Middle East could very well spell the beginning of the end of America as a global superpower. Russia (and China) are staring very sharply at the Middle East…  They are not blinking…

    The ongoing US military strategy says that if the White House must take on Iran, it should first take out Syria.  At least that seems to be America’s promise of sorts to keep Netanyahu’s dogs of war at bay.

    But the weeks have turned into months, the months into years and Zionists in Israel, the US, Britain , France and elsewhere are getting awfully impatient.

    They want their D-Day now!

    If the road to Tehran must go through Damascus, then, America: take out Damascus now!

    For three years the US has been engineering “Arab Spring” civil war in Syria but Bashar Assad’s still there. Russia stands behind him.

    A UN Security Council unanimous vote against Syria is no longer an option. Britain’s Parliament just said no to David Cameron, and French President Hollande’s support of the US lacks clout: sadly for the French it’s been many decades since France was last able to decide the outcome of any war, anywhere…  Now, many in the US Congress are grumbling…

    So, Mr. “CEO” of the United States of America Barack Obama: it’s your call now!


    US President Barack Obama (AFP Photo / Saul Loeb)

    You either strike against Syria now – today, even – to the unanimous applause of Zionists in Israel, Congress, the global banks and markets, the mainstream media and throughout the world, or you stand down and your prestige, “Mr. President,” goes down the drain.

    Your bluff will have been called. And a bluffing president is no president at all.

    Mr. Putin knows this only too well, which is why he maintains Russia’s powerful fleet roaming the waters of the Mediterranean off the coast of Syria…

    Once again, it’s shame on you, America!

    Another fine mess the Israeli Trojan Horse has gotten you into…!


    Adrian Salbuchi for RT

    Link: http://rt.com/op-edge/istael-syria-attack-crisis-251/

  • English

    The G20 summit’s gonna be tough for Obama…

    For Barack Obama, the G20 summit in St. Petersburg will be a tough face-to-face encounter with Mr. Putin, the first since the chemical weapon attack in Damascus. One of these gentlemen blinked; the other one remains very focused. Guess who blinked?


    Why didn’t you talk to me?

    This will be the first meeting between Obama and Putin since their ongoing stand-off over Syria began after the chemical weapon attack in Damascus on August 21.  Perhaps the Syria crisis could have been mitigated (even avoided altogether) had the presidents met, as long planned, in a one-on-one summit in Moscow last August. But Obama canceled it.

    According to The Washington Post (August 7, 2013) that was “a rare, deliberate snub that reflects the fresh damage done by the Edward Snowden case [the young National Security Agency contractor given political asylum last month by Russia] to an important relationship already in decline…. With that announcement, Obama effectively wrote off more than a year of effort to build cooperation with Putin.”

    At the time, White House press secretary Jay Carney explained: “Following a careful review begun in July, we have reached the conclusion that there is not enough recent progress in our bilateral agenda with Russia to hold a US-Russia summit in early September.”

    Political hindsight now shows that there are either a) Very serious flaws in the White House’s decision-making process; b) The escalation process leading to (what they hoped would be) war on Syria was then already firmly on the US-UK agenda, so that Obama had better not get himself embarrassed by having a smiley-smiley meeting with Putin just days before a Syria strike; or c) Worse still, “somebody else” is calling the shots at the White House and in the State Department.

    Whatever the reasons, last week was a bleak one indeed for the US, UK and Israel alliance’s endeavors to get themselves into war with Syria so that they could apply that old black magic learned so well in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Balkans and Libya.

    After the Damascus chemical weapons attack, the White House and Downing Street began a threat escalation fury saying they were “ready to attack Syria.”  US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel gave notice to the world that “the US military stands ready to heed Obama’s attack order at a moment’s notice,” and even President Francois Hollande made France join the saber-rattling party.

    But then it all began falling apart.  First, on August 29, Britain’s House of Commons said “No,” to David Cameron’s plea to authorize British bombing of Syria together with its US ally.

    Then UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki-Moon said his inspectors had confirmed that the attacks took place, but it would be several weeks before we could know who the culprits were…


    The always obliging mainstream media tried to whip up a war frenzy, going so far as to say that Saturday, August 31 would be “D-Day.”  But Saturday came and all we got was an Obama speech saying something like “the US is ready to attack Syria, but we’re not quite sure when: it could be one day from now, or one week, or one month…”  (How about two years from now?)

    Even France’s Hollande had to backtrack when confronted with his countrymen’s overwhelming opposition to attacking Syria, a former French colony, demanding that at least France’s deputies have a say.  After all, France too is supposed to be “democratic…”


    Putin Dixit…

    But what really seems to have made all the difference were those common sense statements coming out of the Kremlin in Moscow, some of them quite personal from president Putin to president Obama…

    Putin began by stating that the horrific Damascus chemical weapons attack was being used by the Western allies as a scapegoat to attack Bashar al-Assad, adding: “I am sure this was no more than a provocation by those looking to drag other countries into the conflict and obtain the support of powerful international players, particularly the United States.”

    He also shrugged off the West’s accusations, pointing out that “claims that the proof exists but is classified and cannot be presented to anybody are beneath criticism,” whilst he challenged Mr. Obama to come clean once and for all: “If the US has proof that the al-Assad regime is responsible for that attack, then submit that evidence to the UN Security Council.” Which would then, no doubt, take a unanimous decision.  Obama did not reply…

    Common sense points to the perpetrators being that wide assortment of criminal fighters wreaking havoc inside Syria, which include the Al-Qaeda offshoot Al-Nusra, (aka “Syria Freedom Fighters” and Syrian National Council), armed, funded and trained by the US.  Putin added: “In such conditions, to give a trump card to those who are calling for foreign military intervention is foolish nonsense.”


    In addressing his comments to Obama, Putin said he was speaking to him not as the US president, but as a holder of the Nobel Peace Prize. “We need to remember what’s happened in the last decade, the number of times the United States has initiated armed conflicts in various parts of the world. Has it solved a single problem?” Afghanistan, Iraq …  There is no peace there, no democracy, which our partners allegedly sought.”

    Denying as “utter nonsense” the idea that Assad’s forces would use chemical weapons when they were winning the civil war, Putin looked steely and confident.  After months of pressure to abandon Assad, Putin sent the West a strong message: he is ready to fight over Syria in the St. Petersburg G20 Summit.

    He added that “of course, the G20 is not a formal legal authority. It’s not a substitute for the UN Security Council; it can’t take decisions on the use of force. But it’s a good platform to discuss the problem. Why not take advantage of this? Is it in the United States’ interests once again to destroy the international security system, the fundamentals of international law? Will it strengthen the United States’ international standing? Hardly.”

    Putin said the attack may have been a provocation by rebels fighting Assad, intended to hasten US military intervention.

    A senior US administration official in Washington said that Russian officials “and certainly the Russian media” (I wonder who?) are continuing to say that the United States has an agenda focused on regime change in Syria, and that “the United States is driving tumult in the Middle East for its own ends.”


    It’s the Geopolitics, Stupid!

    Twenty heads of state will be meeting for the two-day summit. President Putin’s official welcome says that “the forthcoming Leaders’ Summit in St. Petersburg will reaffirm the G20′s role as an efficient mechanism for coordinating the world’s leading economies’ policy approaches to global economy and finance.”  Sure, why not?

    But to really understand the world of the 21st century, we must begin by shedding many 20th century paradigms that still distort our world view.  For instance, the one that insists that the economy reigns supreme over all Mankind, as explained by former US president Bill Clinton’s famous 1992 campaign slur against George Bush Sr. “It’s the economy, stupid!”, which by the way got Slick Willy into the White House for eight full years.

    But that was in the 20th century.  Not any more…  The 21st century is no longer just about the economy.  Actually, it’s much more about anything BUT the economy and, as Slick Willy would say, you’d have to be really stupid to think otherwise.

    People are starting to realize that if you really want to tackle the economic problems of the G8, G20 or G179, then world leaders would be very well advised to first and foremost tackle one fundamental hideous problem: the global mega-bankers’ power to consistently rip off the entire planet by getting governments to bail them out every time their criminal shady business deals grow sour. 

    That’s when grabbing taxpayer money, the Fed’s hyperinflationary Quantitative Easing I, II and III come in: workers lose their jobs, countries go into debt defaults, and the specter of (hyper)-inflation starts to loom on the horizon.

    If these summits do not address this key issue, then it’s like the proverbial Emperor with No Clothes. If you avoid addressing the obvious, all you get in the end is more business as usual. Some hollow end-of-global-summit statements; some wishful thinking statements, and it’s “Bye, see you at next year’s G8, G20 or G179 meeting…”


    Why then are these issues never ever on any economic agenda?  Because the mega-bankers are too damn powerful, too damn strong and too damn threatening to government leaders.  Only a very few dare to take action to force them to behave properly, ethically, morally and peacefully.  That’s what true sovereignty is all about…

    Banksters need the war system; they thrive upon it.  Ever since the days of bankster founding father Meyer Amschel Rothschild, they need a perpetual war system to survive.  They always have…

    You see, there is no such thing as a “bank too big to fail” – whether it’s Goldman Sachs, CitiCorp, Wells-Fargo, Bank of America or HSBC.  What we see are banks that are too powerful to fail; which means that their power, leverage and control reach all the way up to the White House, 10 Downing Street and the Palais D’Elysee.

    If any government or parliament does not bow to their demands, well… the banksters have the global mechanisms to make sure that government or parliament does not survive too long…

    In short, the real agenda behind this week’s G20 Summit is how the ongoing Superpower Geopolitical tug-of-war plays out.

    Meanwhile, let the blind lead the blind: let the other G20 presidents and ministers – Rouseff of Brazil, Kirchner of Argentina, Mexico’s Peña Nieto, Indonesia’s Bambang, Italy’s Letta, Australia’s Rudd, Canada’s Harper et al – talk about “the economy” and blah, blah, blah…  Let the mainstream media put that on their headlines and news flashes…

    Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin will continue to stare at Barack Obama who will continue to blink, whilst no doubt China’s Xi Jinping will join them with a typical enigmatic Chinese smile.

    Adrian Salbuchi for RT

    Link: http://rt.com/op-edge/obama-syria-g20-summit-putin-320/  

  • English

    Can countries go bust? IMF created new form of modern mass slavery


    One can only wonder how horrific debt crises caused by artificially created unsustainable debt burdens could ever be resolved by taking on/imposing ever higher, heavier, long-term debt.

    When Argentina sank into its worst financial, economic and social crisis in late 2001/2002 forcing it to default on its unsustainable Sovereign Public Debt, Anne Krueger – at the time the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) first deputy manager – was very straight-forward about the whole matter.  She proposed introducing the concept of bankruptcy of entire countries as a means to, above all, afford international creditors fullest protection.

    Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for Nation-States!

    A Leading Case…

    That revolutionary proposal ended up not being used on Argentina at the time, mainly because successive local caretaker governments ended up doing the global mega-bankers’ dirty work for them.  Today, with a new crisis looming for Argentina, it appears that the ‘Chapter 11 for Nations’ concept is back on the agenda. Will Argentina become a leading case in macro-managing such a process?

    Those were stormy times for Argentina and its creditors.  But when President Néstor Kirchner took office in mid-2003, the global mega-bankers were able to quickly agree with him on a scheme whereby Argentina would come out of its debt default in an “orderly manner” (for the bankers, that is…).  Since then, the money began flowing again to mega-banker coffers big time!

    In June 2005 a hodgepodge of more than 127 public debt bonds was replaced with just three new bonds that rolled over Sovereign Debt as far as 42 years into the future; the key bond series being adjustable by Cost of Living, which in Argentina means inflation.  This explains why the Kirchner government have tampered with official inflation statistics all but destroying the credibility of the local statistics office, INDEC.

    At the time, however, around 20% of bondholders did not agree to play along.  They clumped together as a strongly leveraged group of so-called “hold-outs” – mostly vulture hedge-funds like the Elliott Management Group – suing Argentina repeatedly so that their original bonds’ capital and interest yields are paid to them.  Thanks to a series of Second District South Manhattan Court of Appeals sentences by Judge Thomas Griesa favouring Plaintiffs, these vulture funds now demand their pound of flesh.


    AFP Photo / Alejandro PagniAFP Photo / Alejandro Pagni

    In recent years, Néstor Kirchner’s ill-fated June 2005 Debt Mega-Swap began backfiring on Argentina creating all sorts of trouble for the country, that included the attachment of public assets abroad.  Notably, the high profile arrest for over two months of the Argentine Navy’s School Vessel – ironically named “Libertad”;  Liberty – in a port in Ghana with its full crew on board, heeding one of the New York Court’s attachment orders.

    A new showdown seems to be fast approaching as Argentina has been ordered to pay up or else.  This is making key global players fidget uncomfortably in their chairs.  Although the global banking elite would love to put Argentina up against the wall, they must however be cautious regarding the precedent this would create that could bring mischief to on-going debt restructures in other parts of the world, especially in the European Union.

    That explains why President Obama who had said he would support Argentina, then decided not to do so.  The IMF’s Christine Lagarde also said she would support Argentina, but then changed her mind… twice.  The French government who were not expected to make any friendly gestures, now speaks in support of the troubled South American country…

    So, what’s up?  Basically, that Anne Krueger’s concept of setting up the international legal framework that would allow bankruptcy procedures to be imposed on whole nations is again in the forefront.

    That would “legally” permit turning Argentina upside down so that it not only gives up every last Dollar but, more importantly, its immense natural resources, a most attractive prospect for the Global Power Elite, as long it does not wreak havoc or derails their long-term plan of the controlled deconstruction of sovereign nation-states – Arab and (coming) Latin American “Springs” included – as part of the coming World Government they are engineering.

    What’s the idea?

    In an article published in the CFR’s official journal “Foreign Affairs” over a decade ago (July/August 2002), former US government and Federal Reserve Bank officer Richard N. Cooper backed the country bankruptcy factor supporting Ms Krueger’s “bold suggestion” whereby “under certain conditions a government’s international debt repayments should be temporarily suspended while negotiations take place on restructuring that debt.” With her statement, the IMF officially endorsed the radical suggestion of introducing an international legal framework addressing country bankruptcy as a way of “improving the international financial architecture”.

    In practice, as the IMF’s No. 2 officer, Krueger’s proposal was to introduce a sort of Chapter 11 mechanism permitting orderly management of the transition of countries defaulting on their sovereign debts, back into paying by steering their Nation-States into controlled national bankruptcy.

    The implicit objective is to ensure that Sovereign Bond creditors – hedge funds, vulture funds, giant megabanks like Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, CitiCorp, JPMorganChase, HSBC, and the IMF itself – can exert huge leverage taking priority in cashing in on the monies sucked out of a Nation’s taxpayers’ (workers’), central banks, mineral, oil & gas wealth, and other resources and reserves.


    AFP Photo / Justin SullivanAFP Photo / Justin Sullivan

    This would transmute into a new edition of the IMF’s proverbial “recipes” to “help nations” totally and irretrievably in debt to once again “access international financial markets” so that they can re-program, roll-over, refinance, kick forwards defaulted, impossible-to-pay short-term debt, by mutating them into long-term, hugely profitable, high interest yield juicy performing debts.

    That would look really nice on mega-banker financial sheets, and  would ensure that gigantic amounts continue to flow out of troubled Nation-State public coffers and into mega banker private pockets!

    As if horrific debt crises caused by artificially created unsustainable debt burdens could ever be resolved by taking on/imposing ever higher, heavier, long-term debt.  One can almost hear the sucking sound in the dark recesses of the global financial system…

    Modern mass slavery couldn’t have been better thought out…!

    Argentina’s Pound of Flesh

    Argentina pulled out of its 2001 default thanks to President Kirchner’s heeding of all global mega-banker demands, a fact eloquently symbolized when in January 2006 Mr Kirchner paid to the IMF the FULL amount allegedly owed to them by Argentina: almost U$S 10 billion in hard cash with no write-downs, in exchange for absolutely nothing! Sovereign debt indeed acts as a chronic infection that conditions everything in Argentina.

    Alas! As with all chronic infections you can bring down the fever for a short while but as soon as you run out of addictive meds, or catch a new cold, you´re again running a full-fledged infectious fever.

    Eight years later, this is Argentina’s sorry state: annual inflation topping 30%; growth slowing down dramatically; total government clampdown on the purchase of foreign currencies for imports, travel, tourism and other needs; government tampering with economic statistics; slumping popular support for Ms Kirchner’s… Add to that rampant corruption and public mismanagement…


    A woman leaves a supermarket with a promotional poster outside in Buenos Aires (AFP Photo / Juan Mabromata)A woman leaves a supermarket with a promotional poster outside in Buenos Aires (AFP Photo / Juan Mabromata)

    But this was no accident, for Argentina’s chronic debt crises has made the country bite the dust under a Catch-22 trap for many decades. When in July 2000, a little over a year before the country’s collapse, a sector inside Argentina’s Catholic Church helped organize a “Jubilee Year” in Congress centering on the country’s ballooning public debt crisis.  This prompted Cardinal Héctor Aguer, Archbishop of La Plata (Argentina), to say that continuing on its present path could only lead to  Argentina’s demise as a sovereign nation, adding that “one can almost imagine the words that will be inscribed on Argentina’s tombstone: “She lived paying; she died owing”.  This echoed Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words, “They say the world is close to bankruptcy; that the world owes more than what the world can pay…”

    Solve et coagula

    Now the Global Power Masters appear to be keen on refloating the whole “Chapter 11 for countries” idea.  But they must do this with great caution lest they end up shooting themselves in the foot, because if Argentina is to be made an example of by a New York Court ordering Argentina to pay vulture funds who did not accept the 2005 Debt Mega-Swap, that example could  spill over not only into countries like Greece, Portugal and Cyprus, which mega-bankers could macro-manage, but also Spain and Italy – even France –  which is a totally different and more complex ball game that could even sound the untimely death-knell of the Euro earlier than what the global Elite want.

    Remember: the Elites pushing all nations towards World Government need to engineer the CONTROLLED demise of Sovereign Nation-States; and the CONTROLLED demise of municipal governments like Detroit, Los Angeles, Washington DC and 120 other US cities earmarked for bankruptcy, where they propose applying constructive Chapter 9 public bankruptcy conditions rather than Chapter 11 designed to “orderly” tear apart and gobble up private companies.

    The question is whether declaring nations, provinces, states and municipalities bankrupt and ripe for liquidation is the next Wave of Change that will erode traditional public structures, thus paving the way for that coming World Government.  A long-term process echoing the adage of the alchemists of old: “Solve et Coagula” – Dissolve and Re-build – which, by the way, ties in with the British Fabian Society’s idea of doing things gradually and unnoticed rather than suddenly and painfully.

    For one of history’s lessons from the failed Marxist revolutionary experiment of the 20th Century is that stable far-reaching change cannot be imposed overnight; better to drive change gradually, seducing people into accepting it.  Just like the proverbial frog which if thrown into boiling water will jump off and survive, but if placed in lukewarm water slowly heated up, will cook to death without realizing it.

    Finally, the obvious question is: why does just about every country’s public sector – Argentina, UK, Italy, Mexico, US, France, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Thailand, Nigeria… – owe so, so very much money to the same supranational private sector banks: Goldman Sachs, CitiCorp, Lazards, Bank of America, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase?

    Gregg Easterbrook eloquently described the roots of the problem in an article published in Reuters on 7th July 2011: “Governments in Greece, Portugal, the United States and elsewhere are borrowing, and often wasting, money at a reckless pace. Why do banks and financial markets cooperate? Because there’s something in it for them.  They keep a little slice of the public money being borrowed or wasted. This is the ‘Sliver Strategy’, and it underlies the ways many of the Western world’s wealthy institutions relate to government: Only a sliver. But the more that is borrowed, the larger the sliver becomes….” 

    This begs the question “why did big banks underwrite the liars’ loans that caused the housing bubble? Because they took origination fees and other payments, then passed the toxic debt along to taxpayers.  The greater the loan volume the larger the sliver — and most of the slivers ended up in the pockets of the banks’ top management.”

    So, ready or not, here comes the New Wave: Bankruptcy of “failed states…!” 

    See you in Court…

    Adrian Salbuchi for RT

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