‘Human Price’ in the Capitalist Equation (Op-Ed)

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The human price of a recent fire at a Bangladeshi factory was over a hundred lives, reminding the world that for “western free-market democracy,” the words “human price” have another, very direct meaning.

­On November 24, a horrific flash fire broke out in a 9-floor sweatshop in Dakha, Bangladesh, belonging to Tazreen Fashions Ltd., killing 117 and injuring 200 of its 1600 workers manufacturing garments for prestigious global brands like Wal-Mart, C&A, Sears and others. This tragedy shows yet again just how much multinational companies profit from the Third World’s quasi-slave labor exploitation system, marked by a total disdain for human life, dignity and justice.

Jews of the World: Unite! (Against Israeli Fundamentalists…)

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Since the end of World War Two, Jews have enjoyed increasing power, leverage, wealth, prestige and well-being throughout the West, especially in the US.

Because of their sufferings in Europe during that War, they are treated with special care and consideration throughout the world, which allowed them to make their dream of having a sovereign State in Palestine, irrespective of the gross injustice that was imposed on the Palestinians.

Israel’s horrific behavior, however, has put its “special status” on the line. 

The time is fast approaching for the world’s Diaspora Jews and for Israelis, to make a decision: they either staunchly align behind Israel – and thus prepare to fall with Israel -, or they align themselves with the nations in which they live and enjoy the just treatment meted out to all those countries’ decent citizens.

The cry of “Anti-Semitism!” launched by the Global Mainstream Media and Zionist storm-trooper entities like the ADL- Anti Defamation League – and AIPAC, is no longer sticking.

The world looks on aghast with shock and disgust as Israel systematically and periodically kills, maims and humiliates innocent civilians in Gaza; today as it did in January 2009, as it did in Lebanon in 2006, as it has done since the late forties.

Always pampered by the US, the UK and Europe – especially self-hating and self-effacing Germany –, Israel like the proverbial spoiled brat can do what it likes, when it likes, where it likes and if anybody complains they just go into a temper tantrum and yell back “I’m gonna tell my big brother”.  Big Brother USA, that is…

And, boy oh boy, do they do that!  Time and again, in comes big brother Homer Simpson from Washington ready to beat up anyone who dares touch “little Israel”: whether it’s Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran….

Well… all of that is about to end.

So, all decent Jewish citizens in every country in the world should take a clue: go as far away as you can from Israel’s madness.

Has our Expiration date arrived?

This is the title of an article appearing in the Israeli newspaper Haarezt  on 9th October 2012, in which it quotes Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger who according to pro-Israeli New York Post said, “word for word: in 10 years there will be no more Israel”.

Haaretz then adds, “What foolishness, right? Clearly, Israel will survive forever. First of all, because that is what our leaders say. Second, we have a fine army, smart bombs, a stable economy and high tech, too. And third, because God is with us. These are facts.”   Hmmm…. The first two are definitely facts.  No sure about the third, though…

In this respect, on 28th August the US publication Foreign Policy Journal refers to an 82-page analysis entitled “Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East”, commissioned by the US’s 16 intelligence agencies: Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Defense Intelligence Agency, Departments of Energy, Homeland Security, State, Treasury, DEA, FBI, NSA, National Geospatial, National Reconnaissance and CIA.

Some doubts have been expressed as to whether this confidential document is genuine; its conclusions as published by Foreign Policy Journal, however, seem certainly credible and echo previous reports by top-level academics like Stephen Walt (Harvard U.), John Mearsheimer (Chicago U.), former president Jimmy Carter and his National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinkski, when it says:

  • Israel, given its current brutal occupation and belligerence cannot be salvaged any more than apartheid South Africa could be when as late as 1987 Israel was the only “Western” nation that upheld diplomatic ties with South Africa and was the last country to join the international boycott campaign before the regime collapsed;
  • The Israel leadership, with its increasing support of the 700,000 settlers in illegal colonies in the occupied West Bank is increasingly out of touch with the political, military and economic realities of the Middle East;
  • The post-Labor government Likud coalition is deeply complicit with and influenced by the settlers’ political and financial power, and will increasingly face domestic civil strife which the US government should not associate itself with or become involved with;
  • Gross Israeli interference in the internal affairs of the United States through spying and illegal US arms transfers. This includes supporting more than 60 ‘front organizations’ and  approximately 7,500 US officials who do Israel’s bidding and seek to dominate and intimidate the media and agencies of  the US government which should no longer be condoned;
  • Israel’s segregationist occupation infrastructure evidenced by  legalized discrimination and increasingly separate and unequal justice systems must no longer be directly or indirectly funded by the US taxpayer or ignored by the US government;
  • Israel has failed as a claimed democratic state and continued American financial and political cover will not change its continuing devolution as international pariah state;
  • Increasingly, rampant and violent racism exhibited among Jewish settlers in the West Bank is being condoned by the Israeli government to a degree that the Israel’s government has become its protector and partner;
  • The expanding chasm among American Jews objecting to Zionism and Israeli practices, including the killing and brutalizing of Palestinians under Israeli occupation,  are gross violations of American and International law and raise questions within the US Jewish community regarding the American responsibility to protect (R2P) innocent civilians under occupation;
  • The international opposition to the increasingly apartheid regime can no longer be synchronized with American claimed  humanitarian values or US expectations in its bi-lateral relations with the 193 member United Nations;”

It seems all windows of opportunity are closing fast for Israel’s ultra right-wing power elite.  The horrendous carnage taking place in Palestine right now might very well be Israel’s first move on the Middle Eastern Grand Chessboard, aimed at increasing regional turmoil that will (they hope) drag the US and NATO into Syria and further afield prepare the way for unilateral attack on Iran.  And there the stakes are extremely high and dangerous because nuclear war could very well be the end-result.


You’re either with us or against us.

That’s Tel-Aviv’s message to the world and to all Jews around the world, again echoing Baby Bush’s warmongering tone.

And here lies a vital issue for the international Jewish community.

The world has grown increasingly weary with Israel and the West’s Orwellian lob-sided global media reporting only adds fuel to the confusion.

Strong support of Israel is based less and less on facts and evidence, more and more, on irrationality and permanent harping on Jewish suffering in the past.

Israeli “logic” runs like this:  Since our European Jewish  forefathers suffered at the hands of Europeans seventy years ago, that give us today  every right to beat up the Palestinians and steal their territory.

Any criticism of Israel is immediately branded as “Anti-Semitism”, and all genocidal killing by Israel’s ultra-right is done “to protect and on behalf of all Jews everywhere”.

More and more the truth is coming out.  Today we have growing alternative media outlets that are delivering giving a much more balanced explanation to the world.

No wonder in recent days, on-going Israeli bombings over Gaza have twice targeted the Iranian English-language 24 hour news channel PressTV injuring staff and journalists!

The day is drawing nigh when decent people everywhere will start reacting against Israel’s madness.  And, as happens all too often, less well-informed people will be tempted to – Alas! – take it out on whoever is closest, which means that local Diaspora Jewish populations are being put in harm’s way by Israel’s leadership and an accommodating Western Media nurturing misinformation and distortions.

As US civil rights militant Malcolm X once famously said, “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing”.

So, every Jewish citizen everywhere needs to take a stance: either they actively support Israel and will thus have to bear the consequences that may arise from that, or they actively reject Israeli madness and, as decent, civilized and peaceful citizens in the respective countries they reside in, make it crystal clear through their community organizations that they do not support an Israel that manages in Gaza the world’s largest concentration camp: a veritable “Auschwitz in the Middle East”.

On 24th September, The Washington Post quoted Iranian president Mahmud Ahmadinejad as saying that “Israel is bullying the US over the alleged threat of an Iranian nuclear weapon using the prospect of an Israeli military attack on Iran to force the hand of its much larger ally”.   Look again: he just might be telling the truth.

Time is running out.  Masks are falling fast, and the real faces behind them are coming to light.  If a new world war is to be averted, all responsible citizens in every country must take a stance.

The Jewish Community is no exception

‘Make them go away!’ Have Argentinians had enough of Kirchner?

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Argentina has suffered just about every imaginable national crisis: financial and banking collapses, hyperinflation, military coups, defeat in international war, attacks by terrorist guerrillas.  We’ve “seen this, done that” becoming pioneers in coping with them all.

In 2001/2, during Argentina’s worst financial collapse our people noisily took to the streets with the “Cacerolazos” – noisily banging pots and pans demanding solutions from the Government. Since then many other countries like Spain and Greece are doing the same.

Now, on Thursday 8th November, Argentina started a new form of protest: the Global “Cacerolazo”. Actively planned and coordinated through the opposition media and social networks, “8N” resulted in 1.5 million people taking to the streets of Argentina to protest against the gross corruption, governmental mismanagement and flagrant irresponsibility of President Cristina Kirchner’s government.

It took on a global character as tens of thousands of Argentine expatriates in dozens of foreign countries also protested. Not only did citizens bang their pots and pans in the streets and squares of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario, Mendoza, La Plata, Tucumán, Salta, and just about every other city and town in the country; noisy crowds also gathered in front of Argentine embassies and consulates in London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Melbourne, México, Montevideo, Rome, Munich, Miami, Washington DC, Boston, Sidney, Bogotá, Stockholm, Tokyo, Milan, Montreal and many other cities around the world.

It was basically Argentina’s still strong middle class that was out to tell the government, “Enough with your abuses and excesses!”


Rampant Corruption

Middle class concerns center on a handful of key issues and complaints: a dramatic rise in violent street crime, flagrant government lying regarding galloping inflation, Cristina Kirchner’s authoritarian style and, of course, rampant corruption.

People have become weary of corruption scandals at the highest levels of government. Public Works Minister Julio De Vido, for instance, is at the center of a scandal accusing him of running a system of bribery in public work contracts. When former Economy Minister Roberto Lavagna publicly accused De Vido, then president Néstor Kirchner promptly fired him… Lavagna, that is!!

Then there’s Hebe Bonafini, the high-profile pro-Kirchner head of the guerrillas’ defense group “Mothers of Plaza de Mayo” and her treasurer son-in-law Sergio Schoklender (jailed in the 80’s for killing his parents) who is being tried for embezzlement of public funds.

Vice President Amado Boudou, in turn, is under investigation for shady dealings through front-men in his take-over of a major currency printing company, Ciccone Calcográfica, which the government continues to award multimillion dollar contracts to print Argentina’s currency (in ever-increasing demand due to inflation!).
Aerial view of Mayo square in Buenos Aires during a “cacerolazo” (a form of civilian protest where pots are used to make noise) against Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s government on November 8, 2012 (AFP Photo / Daniel Garcia)

Kirchner’s own “Disappeared”

But the gem in the Kirchner Crown of Corruption and Fraud involves President Cristina Kirchner herself: the almost complete disappearance of hundreds of millions of dollars in public funds in her native Santa Cruz province in the Patagonia region, at the hands of her deceased husband, former President Néstor Kirchner back in the early nineties when he was Provincial Governor.

In 1992, Governor Néstor Kirchner and Provincial Deputy Cristina Kirchner intensely lobbied for President Carlos Menem and his Economy Minister Domingo Cavallo’s plan to sell the state oil giant YPF to Spain’s Repsol (probably a front for Britain’s BP).

As a reward for Kirchner’s services to Menem, in 1993 Santa Cruz Province was paid by the federal government $654 million in long-outstanding royalties owed by YPF.

Thus those federal funds became provincial funds, which Kirchner immediately expatriated. Today, almost 20 years later, no one knows exactly what became of that money.

We do know that it passed through several tax havens including the Cayman Islands. We do know that when Néstor Kirchner became President in 2003, he finally admitted that those hundreds of millions of dollars were deposited with global mega-banks Morgan Stanley (Luxembourg), and UBS and Crédit Suisse (Switzerland), two tax havens known for their strict banking secrecy.

We do know that, in line with Kirchner’s sloppy management of public funds, they unwittingly admitted that Santa Cruz’s money was deposited in the “Private Banking” departments of Credit Suisse and UBS.

Which led to a key question being asked: Why were hundreds of millions of dollars in public funds deposited in the private banking department of those two Swiss banks?

Inquiries determined that these banks’ “Private Banking” departments manage funds for “very wealthy individuals”. That led to further questions: In whose name were those bank deposits? Néstor and Cristina Kirchner? Some other front man?
People applaud next to a sign reading “Liberty, Liberty, Liberty” as they take part in a “cacerolazo” (a form of civilian protest where pots are used to make noise) against Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s government on November 8, 2012

In turn, the people of Santa Cruz who for years suffered economic and social hardship continue to wonder why their public funds were not put to good use financing local housing, health and job-creation in their province, but rather put to serve European financial circles to the specific benefit of the Swiss and Luxembourgers.

To try to get to the bottom of this scandal a civil lawsuit was filed against Néstor Kirchner and his helpers in a Buenos Aires District Federal Economic Crimes Court in May 2004.

Pressure from President Kirchner, however, ensured that in July 2005 this case was closed declaring Kirchner and his helpers innocent of any wrongdoing. The judge in this sentence? Santiago Maria Losada, Kirchner’s nephew-in-law…

Represented by Peronist lawyer Juan Gabriel Labaké, the Plaintiffs appealed to the Public Ombudsman, the Anti-Corruption Agency, the local chapter of “Transparency International”, and even went up to the Supreme Court of Argentina, but – alas! – they all looked the other way. In Argentina, no one dared challenge the Kirchners.

Thus, no transparent and detailed account was ever rendered by the Kirchners regarding what became of that huge amount of money, its interests, commissions and investments.

All that is known is that the disappearance of Santa Cruz’s funds coincides with the Kirchner’s meteoric rise to political power that catapulted both Néstor and Cristina to successively become President of Argentina.

The personal wealth of the Kirchners, their relatives and key business and political associates rose dramatically: in her recent sworn statement of personal assets, Cristina Kirchner admitted having a net worth of over $ 70 million.

When asked how she had managed to amass such a huge fortune with her modest salary as congresswoman and then President, she explained this was the result of her “successful career as a lawyer”. However, she has never been able to produce evidence that she even graduated from Law School, nor evidence of any lawsuit in which she collected substantial lawyer’s fees.

Clearly, the roots Néstor and Cristina Kirchner’s personal wealth is one of Argentina’s most closely guarded secrets. The appearance of that vast personal fortune coincides with the disappearance of the public funds of Santa Cruz Province.

The rallying call, “Make them all go away!” echoes once again

The people of Argentina are far too tolerant and lenient. After three decades, we have become too accustomed to the catastrophic results of being in the hands of a political caste that specializes in corruption and theft of public monies. The names of former presidents, ministers and governors are paradigmatic of this: Carlos Menem, Domingo Cavallo, Maria Julia Alzogaray, Eduardo Duhalde, Fernando de la Rúa, Eduardo Angeloz, Antonio Bussi, José Luis Manzano, Julio De Vido… it’s a long, long list!
A woman holds a sign reading “We want freedom of expression. Listen to the people! Do not underestimate it” during a “cacerolazo” (a form of civilian protest where pots are used to make noise) against Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s government in Cordoba, Argentina on November 8, 2012 (AFP Photo / Daniel Garcia)

The 8N protesters not only..

The 8N protesters not only demanded for the Nth time “No more corruption!”, but began to echo the rallying call from a decade ago regarding this corrupt political caste: “Make them all go away!!”
Sure, it’s not just about corruption; it’s also about rising street crime perpetrated by huge masses of the structurally poor who are wickedly abused by the Kirchners as a quasi-enslaved subsidized client army who “work” as “militant kirchnerite” foot soldiers.

The more violent among these dumbed-down, impoverished elements are controlled by drug-lords and criminals, organized (and armed) into government-sponsored lumpen-storm-troopers, like “Vatayón Militante” and “La Cámpora”; the latter led by presidential son Máximo Kirchner. All in preparation for coming social wars.

Other mass complaints: the government’s total falsification in inflation statistics; the almost total foreign exchange prohibition – even for travel to bordering Mercosur trade bloc countries – which is tantamount to a prohibition to leave the country; obscene tax voracity to fund the government’s mismanagement and corruption; encroachment over the press and local media; and systematic attack against anyone daring to oppose Kirchner.

Not surprisingly, Argentina’s 8N protest did not show a single banner from any opposition party: just blue-and-white Argentine flags. A sure sign the country desperately needs a new political leadership that is credible, consistent, capable and trustworthy.

Argentina’s Global “Cacerolazo” might be marking an initial step towards similar protest movements in other countries. Will “we, the people” in every country start merging and pooling efforts to reject their own local political castes, rampant corruption and gross injustice, independent of nationality?

­Adrian Salbuchi for RT – Adrian Salbuchi is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in Argentina. www.asalbuchi.com.ar

© Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “TV-Novosti”, 2005 – 2011. All rights reserved.

US Third Party candidates: All we are saying is give these a chance! (Op-Ed)

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Millions of voting Americans have been misled – even coaxed – into believing that either incumbent Barack Obama or challenger Mitt Romney must become the next president of the US. A bad choice? Sure, but… “No buts!”

­Look again, however, because Americans do have a choice. For instance, consider what presidential candidates Gary Johnson (former Governor of New Mexico) of the Libertarian Party, and Jill Stein of the Green Party have to say.

Watch Monday evening’s second and final Third Party Presidential Debate from Washington DC, hosted by RT, where both these candidates will offer American voters real options; or at least different options from what political look-alikes Mitt and Barack are offering; “Oromney” and “Rombama” as some have dubbed them.


Two sides of same coin

Many American voters were particularly taken aback by the latest major prime-time candidate “debate” focusing on foreign policy, in which Obama and Romney seemed to agree on all those key issues that have got – and continue to get – America and the world into so much trouble.

Both expressed unflinching support for Israel, even though it’s the sole saber-rattling nuclear power in the Middle East; both continue to threaten Iran with unilateral military attack, demonizing that country as a “threat to the international community,” even though Iran hasn’t attacked any neighbor in over a century (actually, Iran was repeatedly attacked directly by the Western powers or through proxies like Saddam Hussein); both pledged continued support for terrorist “freedom fighters” in Syria’s civil war triggered by the US and allies, just as they did in Iraq and Libya; and both will continue hi-tech drone attacks over Pakistan and Afghanistan, which seem particularly fond of local wedding parties.

But are there no foreign policy options? How about pulling out of the Middle East and stop triggering generalized civil war in the region – aka, “Arab Spring”? Why not curb America’s pro-Israel foreign policy lobbies and put the US national interest back in center stage instead of Israel’s national interest as happens today?

On the global financial scene, why not stop bailing out the irresponsible and criminal Bankster claque to the tune of trillions upon trillions of dollars – with the Fed’s recently-announced QEIII acting as yet another open-ended Bankster Charity Fund – and start bailing out American workers for a change? Here Republicans and Democrats are in full pro-bankster sync.


US voters have other ‘coins’ in their pockets

It doesn’t always have to be this way. Although it doesn’t hit mainstream media headlines, American Voters do have other choices.

A week ago, the Free & Equal Elections Foundation sponsored a Third Party Candidates Debate that included Gary Jackson and Jill Stein, together with Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party and Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party. It was aired nationwide and worldwide by RT, moderated by Larry King, and boycotted by the mainstream media.

Obama and Romney also boycotted this debate by declining invitations to attend, a clear snub at the American voter.

Reflecting the public’s favorites from that first debate, tomorrow Johnson and Stein will meet once again to speak to America on key issues.

Gary Johnson, a former Republican, says lots of things millions of Americans want to hear: cut military spending by 43 per cent; stop meddling in Syria and Libya; stop threatening Iran with military attack; refuse to support Israel if it decides to go against Iran on its own; stop fueling America’s imperial overdrive and over-reach.

Johnson also supports Ron Paul’s crusade to audit the Federal Reserve Bank and even to close it down altogether, recognizing that the Fed is the culprit for the ongoing financial crisis, having allowed the Bankster takeover of the US and global financial systems.

Jill Stein of the Green Party, in turn, also says things millions are eager to hear. When announcing her presidential candidacy a year ago in her native Massachusetts, the Boston Globe quotes her as saying, “We are all realizing that we, the people, have to take charge because the political parties that are serving the top 1 per cent are not going to solve the problems that the rest of us face. We need people in Washington who will refuse to be bought by lobbyists and for whom change is not just a slogan.”

A courageous and powerful statement from a female candidate who personally took part in the Occupy Wall Street movement and was arrested several times for peacefully and democratically daring to express her ideas in a country that is fast becoming a police state under Gestapo-like FEMA/FBI/CIA/NSA/local police thugs.


No more fizzy drinks

A key factor to the Global Power Elite’s stranglehold on We the People is what America and its favorite allies call the “two-party system”, glorifying it as the “backbone of democracy”.

If we take a closer look, however, we find that “two-party-system-democracy” – whether of Democrats and Republicans as in America, Labour and Conservatives in the UK, Christian Democrats and Social Democrats in Germany, and similar variants in most other countries – hides a neat and simplistic mechanism of coaxing people into the lowest infantile common denominators for “solutions to our nation’s problems”.

What the two-party-system basically does is impose one sole mainstream ideological road that’s been previously surveyed and approved as “politically correct” for Global Power Master interests and objectives.

Then, they put a face to each party: your Obamas, Romneys, Bushes, McCains, Clintons… Then, they let voters play around making believe they have an absolutely free and democratic choice to decide whether they will drive on the left side or right side of that one sole road.

But don’t they dare look around for other, more direct highways or “kinder, gentler” side-roads that might carry them and their nation towards a very different, far more beneficial destination!

No, no. In America, voters must choose between Bush and Gore, or Bush and Kerry, or Obama and McCain, or Obama and Romney.

It must boil down to the “have-a-pepsi-or-coke…” option: you might think you’ve been given a choice, but more and more people are realizing that both are basically the same brown, sugary, bubbly slushy soda drink.

So, if you insist on drinking something different, that’s when the Powers That Be will brand independent thinkers as trouble-maker anarchists, communists, fascists, or “downright stupid for throwing your vote away on a third party candidate.”

It doesn’t always have to be that way.


Why should the world care?

In an incredible twist of history, US “democracy” has sunk to such loathsome depths that in order for American voters to even learn about electoral options for their country, they must now tune-in to RT of the Russian Federation.

How times have changed from when the Global Power Masters played with our fears about the “red menace”, “mutually assured destruction” and “better dead than red”!

But why should people outside the US really care whether Americans will pay more or less in taxes, have better or worse healthcare, or whether unemployment, inflation and poverty will rise or fall?

Here’s why: in today’s highly complex global power structure, where an unelected but extremely powerful private Global Power Elite have become embedded into the US and its key allies, whatever happens there will affect all of us.

If, for example, Argentineans vote for the wrong leaders (and believe me, we do!), or the Colombians, or the Greeks, or Malaysians, the consequences of such mistaken choices are basically suffered only by those peoples. The world can just sit back and look at us, for example, and mutter, “Those Argentineans…always making mistakes; serves them right!!”

But when US voters put the wrong guy in the White House, that means untold millions of dead, injured, maimed and wrecked lives in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Latin America, Africa, Asia and other places in this dark, troubled world.

So, yes, it is our business to make sure slumbering American Voters wake up. Not just for their sakes, but for the rest of the world’s sake.


Precedent begs perspective

A new generation of war-mongers is right now preparing to double their bets on the geopolitical arena. They have no qualms in risking outright military confrontation, not just with Iran, but even with Russia and China.

Maybe that reflects their mad geopolitical ambitions; maybe it’s about their less mad realization that they have so completely destroyed the global financial system that their only way out is to “flee forwards” to an overwhelming world war, the likes of which mankind can hardly fathom.

The Global Power Masters already pulled something like that back in 1914 and especially in 1939; why shouldn’t they be tempted to so again?

So, “friends, Americans, countrymen” tomorrow evening please watch the Jackson-Stein Debate. “Lend them your ears!!”

Not that they’re a panacea for America. Not that American voters should childishly “fall in love and rave” about them.

Actually, it’s not so much that Jackson or Stein are better, but rather that Obama and Romney are so much worse!

A final irony: in a world where politicians and media moguls speak and drool over “democracy”, on November 6 around 60, maybe 70, million US voters will decide the destiny over the next four years for 7 billion people. That’s 1 per cent deciding for the remaining 99 per cent.

Democracy should be made of sterner stuff!

Let’s hope US voters realize the huge global responsibility they carry upon their shoulders. In the end, the world will hold them accountable.


Adrian Salbuchi for RT

­Adrian Salbuchi is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in Argentina. www.asalbuchi.com.ar

The European Union Grabs the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize

Publicado el 17-10-12 - en English

Millions around the world reacted in “shock and awe” when the envelope containing the name of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize was finally read this past week: “…and the winner is… The European Union!!…”  Gosh, of all organizations!!

How can you award of a Peace Prize – of all things! – to an entity that systematically supports the economic and social destruction of Greece; imposes extreme hardship on Spaniards and Italians whilst it supports greedy mega-bankers; has an undemocratically elected president (Herman van Rompuy) and, through its NATO war machine, continues bombing and destroying Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and is now poised for unilateral attack against Syria and Iran?    Indeed, “Peace” should be made of sterner stuff!!

And yet, when you consider the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s track record over the past fifty years or so, this year’s “peace” prize should come as no surprise.


The “Peace People” that got the Peace Prize in the past

No, it´s not (just) a tongue-twister; rather it’s a quick reminder of some of the unlikeliest recipients benefited by the Nobel Committee’s coveted prize in the past.

When instituting the Peace Prize back in 1901, Alfred Nobel indicated in his will that it should be awarded to the person who “shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

OK, some recipients of the past were well chosen: Albert Schweitzer (1952), Georges Pire (1958), the International Red Cross (1963), Martin Luther King (1964), Mother Theresa (1979), Nelson Mandela (1983) and Doctors Without Frontiers (1999).  However, most others really leave us wondering as we stroll back through history’s Memory Lane:


“Peace” Murderers

Take for example the 2009 prize given to Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States; butcher of Libya; destroyer of Syria; supporter of Israel’s destruction of Palestine; outright liar who promised a balanced US policy in the Middle East in his famous 2009 Cairo University only to later unleash engineered insurrection and civil war throughout the region – aka as “Arab Spring”  –  Obama named key usury megabank officers from Goldman Sachs, CitiCorp and others to “run the economy”, all against the interests of US and global populations.

2002 – Jimmy Carter, 39th president of the US, “for his decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development”. And yet, Carter was co-founder with David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger of the Trilateral Commission, a key Global Power Master geopolitical planning center geared at imposing world government on mankind, like it or not.  Carter’s administration from 1977 to 1981 represented an almost complete handover of the US to the Trilateral Commission, whose members included not just the president himself, but also the vice-president, secretaries of state, treasury, defense, undersecretaries, key ambassadorships and military commands.

2001 – the UN and Kofi Annan “for their work for a better organized and more peaceful world”[ You’ve gotta be kidding!!  The UN is the most hypocritical, lob-sided and unfair international mastodon of modern times. It has been all but unable not only to prevent wars, but has actually sanctioned and promoted horrendous attacks like the NATO invasions and destructions of Iraq in 2003, the bombing to smithereens of Libya in 2011 and its full support to the UK and US colonial attacks on South American during the 1982 Falklands/Malvinas War against Argentina.

1990Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev. He may have helped to bring down the Communist Block and the Berlin Wall, but only to deliver the great nations of the former USSR and Eastern Europe to the malicious devastation wrought by mega-banker and mafia depredation, that slumped that region into a decade of horrendous hardship and death.  Thanks to Gorbachev, Russia had to suffer a decade of Boris Yeltsin’s misgovernment until, thankfully, Vladimir Putin took the helm – for the better of Russia and the world – putting internal mafia leaders and external imperialist hegemons in their places.  Today, Russians are so “fond” of Gorbachev that he had to set up his Rockefeller-backed Gorbachev Foundation in… Massachusetts, USA!!  By the way, one of his Foundation’s board members is former CIA Director (and Council on Foreign Reations/Trilateral Commission member) John Deutch.  Clear enough?

1978Menachem Begin… This one’s really spooky…  A “peace prize” to a violent ultra-fundamentalist guerrilla leader, who led the terrorist group Irgun Zvai Leumi in the forties and was responsible for thousands of deaths and terror attacks on Palestinians so that they would give up their homeland to European Zionist Zealots!  Begin is best remembered for the terror bombing of the King David Hotel housing the British Palestine Authority in Jerusalem in July 1946, killing almost a hundred…

1973Henry A. Kissinger – Very well known here in South America as “Mr. Condor Plan” for his unflinching promotion and support of US-backed, trained and financed military regimes in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay during the cold-war seventies.  Those were the years when US foreign policy used right-wing military traitors in its “War on Communism”.   The dead can be counted by the hundreds of thousands…  “Democracy made in USA” had not yet become an issue for the US


“Peace” Politics

When not awarding the Peace Prize to war lords, war mongers, terrorists and assassins, the Nobel Committee has awarded it to support very explicit political objectives where Global Power Elite interests have had an axe to grind:

2007Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and former US vice-president Al Gore Jr. “for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change”. This has turned out to be a scientific exaggeration, if not a flagrant, obscene lie. Global Warming – as explained in Al Gore’s Oscar-winning Disney-like farce – serves to promote the World Government paradigms of “mankind coming together” to “fight global warming” under a “common global authority”, led of course by the most contaminating superpower of all, the United States and its preferred allies.

1989The 14th Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso) – This award forms part of the Global Power Master’s permanent pressure against China, as is also the case with the 2010 prize to Liu Xiaobo, for his “long struggle for basic human rights in China”.

1986Elie Wiesel“Chairman of “The President’s Commission on the Holocaust”.  Wiesel can best be described as “Mr.  Holocaust”.  He has been a key promoter of the use and abuse of Jewish suffering during World War Two, turning it into “The Holocaust Industry” as US Jewish NYU political science professor Norman Finkelstein aptly describes in his book published in 2000 by the same name.  Wiesel’s politicizing of “The Holocaust” (which he turned into a veritable Zionist marketing Registered Trademark) has been wielded as a key political instrument and weapon of blackmail, to wrench money out of all sorts of pockets – whether the global Jewish Diaspora, German corporations, Swiss Banks, the US, UK or EU governments – and to justify each and all Israeli acts of genocide in Palestine and elsewhere.

1983Lech Walesa – Through the “Solidarity Movement” in Poland, he was instrumental in helping Poland spearhead the fall of the former Communist bloc in a complex push-pull operation that included the Vatican and its then popular Polish Pope John Paul II.

1980Adolfo Pérez Esquivel“Human rights leader; founded non-violent human rights organizations to fight the military junta that was ruling his country (Argentina).” A totally non-descript and mediocre Argentinian who came in very handy at a time when the US had decided to get rid of Argentina’s military junta of General Jorge Videla, even though the US had originally helped it illegally usurp power in 1976 through Henry Kissinger’s Condor Plan.  The “winds of democracy made in USA” were starting to blow…

Let’s go back to 2012’s prize.  We learn that the unanimous decision to give the prize to the EU was made by a five-person panel chaired by Thorbjoern Jagland, the Council of Europe’s Secretary-General and a strong advocate of the EU in Norway, a country that twice – in 1972 and 1994 – voted against EU membership.  So… “Red Alert for Norway”, I’d say.

The excuse for this latest prize? “The EU helped transform Europe from a continent of war to a continent of peace.”  Maybe Nobel Committee members should start reading the writing on the wall in the streets of Athens, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Milan, Paris, London, Dublin….


Adrian Salbuchi (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

­Adrian Salbuchi is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in Argentina. www.asalbuchi.com.ar

Adrian Salbuchi: Washington, London and Tel Aviv don’t tolerate True Democracy

Publicado el 13-10-12 - en English

Adrian Salbuchi is an internationally-renowned Argentine author, political analyst, speaker and radio/TV commentator. His articles are widely published and translated in different countries and he regularly appears on such TV channels and Russia Today and Press TV to comment on a variety of international issues. He is a regular contributor to the Montreal-based Center for Research on Globalization and the New Dawn magazine. He is also founder of the Second Republic Project in Argentina, which is expanding internationally.


10 October 2012

Salbuchi has always been one of my heroes in the Latin America and I’ve always wished to have the opportunity to conduct an in-depth interview with him on different international issues. My Spanish friend, co-warrior and activist Moises Herrezuelo who regularly translates my articles into Spanish kindly helped me in contacting Adrian Salbuchi and paved the way for the conduction of this interview.

In our conversation, I discussed with Adrian Salbuchi the dominance of the imperial power over the developing nations, the role of global Zionism in shaping the international politics, and the suffering of independent, non-aligned nations under the political, media and economic pressure of the United States and its allies.

“I believe that the world’s foremost problem lies in the fact that the United States of America, Britain and Allies have huge, albeit illegitimate power, so that today they rule the world; however Israel and Zionism rule the US, UK and EU,” said Salbuchi in the concluding remarks of this interview.

What follows is the complete text of my interview with the Argentine writer and political analyst Adrian Salbuchi.


Kourosh Ziabari: In one of your articles, you raised an interesting point, that if people in the United States, France or Britain commit the mistake of choosing bad leaders, then they will not be the only ones affected by such a wrong electoral decision, but millions of people in other parts of the world will suffer from the consequences of that bad choice. What’s the reason in your view? What’s the source of such an enormous amount of power that enables the imperial powers to attack, invade, conquer and kill at will, without being held responsible?

Adrian Salbuchi: First and foremost, we need to understand that Real Power today does not just lie with Sovereign Nation-States but that, over and above, it has been usurped by a very small but extremely powerful and dangerous clique of Supra-National Global Private Power Masters that are deeply embedded into the public and private power structures of the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union and just about every other State in the Western World.

These Global Power Masters operate from inside the US, UK and EU but are not of the US, UK and EU. They merely use and abuse these powerful nations to promote their own interests, objectives and agendas, notably their state-of-the-art war technologies, financial clout and military prowess to invade any country anywhere in the world they so desire. They do this not based on the real National Interest of the US, UK and EU, but on their own supranational interests. Within this global power structure Zionism is the key factor that, once understood, helps to explain most if not all of the dreadful things that are taking place in today’s bleak, dark world. Actually, the Global Power Masters love and honor no nation’s flag – whether of the US, UK, or the EU countries – except for one for which they permanently fight: the flag of Israel.

The source of that power is the combined ability of the Global Power Masters to use banking and finance as their key source of leverage; the media as their key instrument of psychological warfare; multinational corporations as their resource, industrial and technological platform; and all governments – notably the US, UK and EU – as their proxies for political, economic, financial, diplomatic and military intervention.

Kourosh Ziabari: You once quoted the book “Report from Iron Mountain on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace” as writing that “world peace is neither desirable nor in the best interests of society, because war not only serves important economic functions but also plays key social and cultural roles.” Who benefits from waging wars, military expedition on the weaker and poorer countries and plundering their resources? Why do some powers see their survival and empowerment in going into war with the other nations?

Adrian Salbuchi: The “Report from Iron Mountain” very candidly explains the motivations behind today’s New World Order even though it was written 45 years ago. Actually, the fact that it was written so long ago serves to prove how consistent their long-term planning really is.

The Global Power Masters have a hierarchical, pyramid-like power structure where things look different depending on the level of your vantage point on it.

Each “soldier” recruited (i.e., paid) to play their role for this New World Order operates on a “need to know basis” – as do intelligence agencies, for example. Since at the pinnacle of the power pyramid lie the Zionist and Jewish interests, they long-ago realized that they needed to implement a very sophisticated model and method of global domination. Otherwise, there would be no way that a tiny community of 16 million people (global Jewish population according to most official Jewish and Zionist sources) would be able to exert control over a planet with 7 billion people. Do the math: Jews barely represent 0.2% of global population; in other words 99.8% of Mankind is NOT Jewish and yet we not only live in countries where Zionist and Jewish influence is overwhelming – the US, UK, EU, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico… – but our whole world’s mental outlook, values and beliefs are becoming more Jewish day-by-day, thanks to their full control over three key global Psychological Warfare weapons in their hands:
(a) The global mainstream media,
(b) The education system in most countries (which they control by controlling governments), and
(c) The so-called entertainment industry, beginning with its flagship, Hollywood.

Kourosh Ziabari: The 16th summit of the heads of state of the Non-Aligned Movement was held in Iran almost two months ago. I saw that you wrote an article about it. What do you think about this movement and the role it can play in resisting and countering the threats posed by the global superpowers to the developing nations? Can this movement promote itself as an alternative to the undemocratic structure of the United Nations which is in the hands of a few veto-yielding powers?

Adrian Salbuchi: As an Argentine follower of the very lucid political doctrine and teachings of our former president Juan Domingo Perón, I can only hail all countries that support treading a non-aligned path. When Perón first came to power in 1946, in a world that was just splitting into two major power blocks – the US and its allies, and the former USSR and its allies – Perón was the first Statesman to come out with what he called the “Third Position”, i.e., Argentina would neither align with nor become subservient to the US nor the USSR.

He kept to his guns; Argentina because the key power in the region; in 1951 Perón started a movement towards political (not just economic) union with Brazil and Chile (dubbed the ABC Movement), but the global and local Powers That Be promptly had him ousted by treacherous liberal pro-US military Argentine army and navy officers in September 1955. At the time, Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of Britain and is quoted to have said in Parliament that “the ouster of the Tyrant Perón is the most important event for Britain since we won World War II”.

Ever since then, Argentine has slumped into greater and greater decay and decadence down to our present horrific predicament under the Kirchner Government who call themselves “Peronists” but are, in fact, the complete opposite: they as Social Democrats.

Now the Non-Aligned Movement has had many internal changes and challenges. It has tried to adapt as best it could as the Cold War years went on and as governments in each member country changed. It has been a contradictory movement which was all but scrapped after the demise of the USSR, however now many countries are coming to realize that Non-Alignment’s new definition would be: “Non-Alignment with the Supra-National Power Masters and their Zionist Controllers”. There lies the key foreign policy decision that every country needs to make, and that includes the US and UK.

Thankfully, and for different reasons, two key global powers have chosen to put a brake on the global Western Hegemons: a reborn Russia and a streaming-forwards China.

We see this today in Syria and also in Iran. Thank God Vladimir Putin is still in power in Russia even if only for the purpose of maintaining this geopolitical balance of power.

The Non-Aligned Movement is not, however, the organization our countries really need. It can, however, serve as a transition so that the “flame won’t go out” of the Non-Alignment Movement, but we need to erect this in a much more forceful manner so that a new truly Independent Free Nations of the World Entity gradually sweeps away today’s totally useless United Nations.

Russia, China, Iran, India and Brazil are the key countries for such a new multinational organization, followed and supported by regional confederations of countries in Africa, Latin America, Central Europe and Asia.

Kourosh Ziabari: The Global War on Terror marked the commencement of a new era in the world’s political developments. As a result of this deadly campaign, thousands, if not millions, of people lost their lives, thousands of others were orphaned, displaced and forced to immigrate. Many political commentators see this War on Terror as a war on the developing nations and more particularly, a war on Islam and Muslims. What’s your assessment of the War on Terror, which seems to be underway thus far, its consequences and results?

Adrian Salbuchi: The only War on Terror I can understand is the war that free and peaceful nations today wage as we are all systematically attacked on the political, financial, PsyWar, diplomatic and military fronts by the US, UK, NATO and Israel. Israel is the foremost terrorist entity in the world.

A little bit of history: Israel was born out of terrorist organizations whose leaders then went on to become their political establishment.

Terrorist group “Irgun Zvai Leumi” led by Menahem Beguin bomb-attacked the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1947 killing almost a hundred people, marking the first such bomb attack on an occupied public building in modern history, that was later repeated countless times including the Israeli Embassy and AMIA Jewish Mutual bomb attacks in Argentina in 1992 and 1994, and the September 11 attacks in New York.

Terrorist “Stern” Group led by Itzakh Shamir assassinated UN Special Envoy Folke Bernadotte in 1948 because he wanted to ensure the Palestinians had their own Nation-State.

Terror militias “Hagganah” and “Lehi” killed, maimed and forcibly drove millions of Palestinians from their historical lands. These terror organizations merged in 1948 to become Israel’s Armed Forces, hypocritically dubbed “Defense Force”.

The Global Power Masters’ present War on Islam has two key components:

(1) Geopolitically, they need to grab Arab territory in Palestine to safeguard Israel; and in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan to safeguard oil and – very importantly – they cannot tolerate a powerful Iran unmasking them permanently.

(2) Philosophically, Islam is a religion that places Divinity – Allah – at the center of man’s existence whilst the Global Power Masters impose Money and Gold at the center of man’s life. They have their own Demiurge which they call YHWH which is what most other people identify with Satan. Materialism in the West reigns supreme which means they cannot tolerate a culture like Islam where men’s consciences cannot be bought and sold for money.

Kourosh Ziabari: In one of your articles, you pointed to examples of different skyscrapers and tall towers in countries such as Russia, Venezuela and Spain taking fire and suffering considerable damages. You, however, mentioned that these towers did not collapse the way the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center broke apart as the hijacked planes of the American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into them one after the other on September 11, 2001. Do you want to conclude that the 9/11 events was a premeditated false flag operation? Do you share the viewpoints of people such as David Ray Griffin or Peter Dale Scott that the Israeli regime was also involved in the attacks?

Adrian Salbuchi: Oh, absolutely. The collapse of the World Trade Center – especially of Tower 7 that was not hit by any airplane and yet perfectly and neatly collapsed into its own fingerprint on that dreadful day – defies the laws of physics and basic common sense.

In the US, there are associations of architects, physicists, chemists, engineers, airplane pilots all demanding to know the truth about 9/11 because the “official government story” is totally absurd.

They accuse those of us who unmask the Global Power Masters and Zionism as “conspiracy theorists,” and yet they impose upon the world the “Number One Absurd Conspiracy Theory”: 19 allegedly “Muslim” suicide pilots who could hardly fly single-engine propeller Cessna’s, easily hijack 4 jetliners with plastic knives (!) over the most secure airspace in the world, ram 2 of those jets into the WTC and third one into the most guarded building in the world – the Pentagon – with uncanny precision and at high speed, whilst the fourth one “crashes” into a field but leaves no debris; and all of this masterminded and controlled by some nut hiding in a cave in Afghanistan; who is “captured” ten years later, killed and, ooops!! We dropped his body into the sea…!”

Can you imagine something more stupid than that? And yet that is what mainstream Americans believe – Homer Simpson is a good archetype of their class. This fairy tale allowed Bush and Obama more than a decade of war, destroying Afghanistan, Iraq, which Baby Bush himself admitted had nothing to do with 9/11, Libya and other free countries in the Muslim World. Also, every time an event like 9/11 occurs, there are two key questions we must ask:
(a) Who Benefits from the attack, and
(b) Follow the money trail…

Clearly the Muslim world has been the key victim of 9/11; Israel however got the US and NATO to fight its proxy wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now they’re aiming at Syria and Iran. No wonder the folks who prepared the “War on Terror” myth are the same ones who in the late nineties prepared strategy documents for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Douglas Feith, David Wurmser, Paul Wolfowitz and others, and, more importantly, prepared PNAC (Project for a New American Century) which is a veritable blueprint for the conquest of the whole Muslim World adopted as official foreign policy Baby Bush as those same planners then became his key Pentagon and State Department officials.

Kourosh Ziabari: What’s your viewpoint regarding the underground detention facilities which the United States set up after the 9/11 attacks in Guantanamo bay in Cuba and Abu Ghraib in Iraq? There have been several reports of inhumane torturing and abusing of the detainees who are being held there without legal proceedings and under false pretexts. What’s your viewpoint?

Adrian Salbuchi: This is typical of the double standards maintained by the US in just about everything they do. They speak about the “rule of law” but then kidnap, arrest and jail people without any legal framework whatsoever. They speak about “human rights” but then torture and water-board people to get them to “confess” just as the Inquisition did centuries ago. They speak about “democracy” but their own government is now clamping down violently on any American citizen that begins to wake and speak up against the fact they are now living in a police state.

Kourosh Ziabari: Countries such as Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and Syria which have come under the fire of the United States’ psychological and economic warfare are paying the price for their independence and disobedience to the policies of the superpowers. Are these countries and other nations targeted by the America’s Total War, as you put it in one of your articles, the victims of their non-alignment with Washington and its allies?

Adrian Salbuchi: Yes. Washington, London and Tel Aviv do not tolerate any country that decides to live under a true Democracy (not the “Made in USA” Bush-Clinton-Obama version), and who want to live their own religious, cultural, moral and political values, which requires they reject all the poison, decay and perversion that Hollywood and the Western Media vomit on the entire world through decadent TV, movies and the press.

Baby Bush was honest about this when he said in October 2001 that every nation had a decision to make, “You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists.” The point is that US and its allies are the main platform from where the Global Power Masters make Total War on all of Mankind, including their own people.

Kourosh Ziabari: What’s your viewpoint regarding the massive propaganda campaign against Iran over its nuclear program? The Western public sees Iran in the light of stereotypes and clichés which the mainstream media have created of Iran. They are simply unaware of Iran’s rich culture, history, civilization and traditions. What’s your take on that? How is it possible to acquaint the world with the concealed realities of Iran?

Adrian Salbuchi: That is a very tough problem because, as I say above, one of the Global Power Master’s greatest victories consists in the dumping-down of national populations the world over, especially in the US. Ignorance thus reigns supreme today amongst all populations, which means they can be easily duped into supporting wars against foreign countries they know absolutely nothing about. Of course, since they are maintained in a hypnotic state by the media they never actually realize this… Not yet, anyway.

That’s why the main counter-movement that we can all do from each and every country in the world – even from inside the US, Britain and Europe – is to show the other side of the coin, to make people listen to the other bell; to explain, educate, and show them evidence that the Truth lies elsewhere, and that they are being led by nose by these global Pied Pipers into a deep sea where they are being purposely drowned in ignorance.

One last point, if I may: often, very complex problems can be reduced to one simple formula which then helps us to better understand the whole.

I believe that the world’s foremost problem lies in the fact that the United States of America, Britain and Allies have huge, albeit illegitimate power, so that today they rule the world; however Israel and Zionism rule the US, UK and EU.

When people grasp this simple concept – US/UK/Allies run the world, but Israel/Zion run the US/UK/Allies – then the daily news reports become that much easier to understand.

Interview by Kourosh Ziabari
10 October, 2012.

Kourosh Ziabari is an Iranian journalist and media correspondent. He writes for Tehran Times and Press TV. In 2010, he received the national medal of Superior Iranian Youth from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his media activities. He is a member of World Student Community for Sustainable Developments. His articles and interviews have been published in more than 10 languages in Canada, Poland, Belgium, UK, Egypt, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and the United States.

Are you on the ‘SS Euro’? Abandon Ship!

Publicado el 06-06-12 - en English

The Euro is creaking and making all sorts of funny noises. Lloyds of London – who have a pretty good ear for perceive impending disasters – says the insurance market is preparing for the Euro’s collapse and is trying to reduce its exposure as much as possible.

Robert Ward chief executive of the multi-billion dollar and almost five hundred year old institution said Lloyd’s may have to write-down on its £58.9 billion investment portfolio if the euro collapses. In the interview for The Sunday Telegraph he explained the market has put in place a contingency plan to switch euro underwriting to multi-currency claims settlements

It seems Lloyds believes ‘Grexit’ is looking more and more likely day by day.  Insurers are a good reference point on this, since risk management lies at the very heart of insurance and reinsurance. London as well as Germany are two of the key global long-term risk management markets, counting on extensive expertise and experience in such potentially catastrophic financial upheavals.

Another major insurer providing credit insurance for Eurozone trade – the Franco-German Euler Hermes Group – has also stated is would be reducing coverage for trade with Greece. Clearly, a tell-tale sign that a country is about to go bust is when credit insurance providers decide to stop trading with it.

Also going into Orange Alert Mode are the German mega-bankers.   Last weekend Juergen Fitschen, co-chief executive of Deutsche Bank, described Greece as a “failed state” run by corrupt politicians adding that even though he did not think that if Greece exits the Euro that would immediately lead to the collapse of the Eurozone, he was nevertheless jittery about the whole matter adding that “what we need to do is prepare for that eventuality.”

Correct, Juergen!   If Greece goes, then the temptation for Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy and others to follow suit would indeed be great.   And maybe we should not just be focusing on the weak end of the Eurozone – Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy – but should also turn an eye on its strong end: because even you Germans might, for very different reasons, end up realizing that you too would be far better off dumping the Euro and going back to the proverbially strong Deutsch Mark.

Then, Germany would have no need to bail-out and rough up “Today Greece, tomorrow Europe!”.   As German interior minister Hans-Peter Friedrich just told the Leipziger Volkszeitung newspaper, Germany was prepared to help rescue Greece but only if it helps itself and honours its agreements, adding that “We’re not willing to pour money into a bottomless pit”.

Come on, Germany!  Look at history and start understanding that you’d be far better off looking eastwards, reaching intelligent agreements with raw-materials-rich Russia, rather than with just dragging as dead-weight “Old Europe” and its increasingly decadent and misgoverned American controllers.

Even quiet, conservative and bourgeois Switzerland had its Central Bank Governor Thomas Jordan also admitting that they too were drawing up contingency action plans in the event of the euro’s collapse…

On May 25th, writing in the London Telegraph, conservative political columnist Bruce Anderson observed that European Union ideologues – “those wise men” as he calls them – made a double mistake: they both “underestimated and overestimated their fellow humans”, because although globalization and global competition was nice …for a while… “en-masse, human beings need the nation-state, just as individual humans need dwellings.”

Comparing the EU to life in a great city, Anderson explains that “there are moments when most people want to close their front door and relax at home. It helps to cope with all that pressure if you can live in a nation state, where you speak the language, understand the politics, respect the legal system,” I would add, “where you can issue and control your own currency…”

It seems that those “wise men” of old and their modern Eurocrat counterparts in Brussels, Strasbourg and Frankfurt have been trying to run Europe by having “a French jockey on a German horse”: two delusions that eventually led to the single-currency.

It’s important to listen to what the British have to say about today’s euro-crisis, because a decade ago they very intelligently accepted the European Union but rejected the single currency. And they were right!!

As Anderson aptly points out, “you cannot use the same interest rate in Dublin and Düsseldorf unless there are fiscal transfers. Monetary union must mean fiscal union. On the basis of no taxation without representation, this must lead on to political union. Instead, the Eurozone leaders told the architect to build the roof first…. ”

The result is today’s unsustainable continent-wide crisis: rising unemployment, top-heavy pension systems, extreme hardship for the young and the poor which is leading to increasing social disorder, constant emigration from Greece, Spain and Italy that presses into northern Europe…

Europe today stands at a cross-roads: in the coming weeks and months it may be living its “To be or not to be” moment.  It has been the European Union bureaucrats allied to the global banking mafia that led Europe to its present woes, so, Europe: don’t look to them for “transnational crisis leadership” and “global solutions”. They just won’t deliver!!

Rather, seek common sense solutions at home, review recent / not so recent history; use your imagination more and your imaginary fears less.

Perhaps, the ultimate litmus test on this runs something like this:

The more angry and furious Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy make the global private mega-bankers – and the IMF, ECB, Fed, and global rating agencies – the more certain you can be that you’re on the right track.

Woe to Greece, woe to Spain, Italy and others if the day dawns when these mega-bankers applaud you saying they’re “satisfied that you are doing the right thing”.

That will undoubtedly mean you’ve put the noose around your own necks. For the love of God, don’t do that!


­Adrian Salbuchi for RT

America’s Total War

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President Obama promised change, but there’s little of it in his war policies, which are harsher than those of George W. Bush.  US drone bombings often target not just “terrorists” but all “military-age males in a strike zone as combatants.”

“Unless there is explicit posthumous intelligence proving otherwise”, that is.

As an extensive recent report in The New York Times explains, for all practical purposes Obama is applying what can best be described as a Total War Doctrine, bringing government, military and media propaganda PsyWar under one strategy.

The concept of “Total War” – war involving not just the military but all civilians irrespective of age or sex, together with the entire infrastructure of a country – became a horrible reality during the 20th century, driven for the most part by steering scientific discoveries and technological progress towards unlimited use in warfare.  Total War is very much alive today and is being spearheaded by the United States and its Allies.

This is being abetted on all fronts by US, European and global mainstream media that willingly oblige.  In the case of Obama’s Total War Doctrine, the media go along with US official policy, and describe the murder of innocent people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when American democracy-building drone bombs fall, as “militant combatants”.

You see, Total War requires intense and constant psychological warfare to convince public opinion – both at home and abroad – that “our boys” fighting “to spread peace and democracy”, always do the “the right thing” by killing “the right people” who threaten America, Europe, Israel and the rest of the West; in other words, by only killing “militant terrorist combatants”.

That’s the way Orwellian Newspeak has described US-led wars since 1945 – whether fought by the US alone, or together with allies like Britain, EU countries and Israel, or by puppet proxies.  The list is very long: Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Dominican Republic, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, Africa, South America, Cambodia, Laos, Cuba, El Salvador, Falklands, Nicaragua, Grenada, Serbia…The death-toll runs into the tens of millions and has kept rising and rising.

Who’s next? Syria, Iran? Sudan? North Korea? Venezuela? After 9/11, things went from bad to worse.

The world today is confronted with a Super-Power hegemon increasingly out-of-control that harbors a small, compact and extremely powerful group of Global Power Masters embedded deep inside US/UK/EU public and private power structures, controlling unbeatable navies and air forces, super high-tech troop armies, unmanned drones, military satellites, napalm, cluster and bunker-buster bombs, electronic surveillance, and secret weaponry like the unexplained HAARP installations.

Add to this, the tens of thousands of ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs pointed at target countries by the small Western nuclear club – the US, UK, France and Israel – and things start looking bleak indeed.

All of it is backed by unlimited funding – both official and clandestine – in the US and Allies. And when money falls short, well… there are always “other means and sources”…Which is when spook agencies launder and recycle trillions of drug, arms and organized crime monies to finance covert and illegal operations; or when top officials engineer Iran-Contra type deals…

It all adds up to “America’s Total War” policy. Not total war against any one specific country, but against ALL countries the US, UK, France and Israel believe support “terrorists”, or that have sovereign national governments they don’t like, or – more pragmatically – countries blessed with huge oil, gas, mining, water and food reserves that the Exxons, BPs, Monsantos, Chevrons and Barrick Golds want to lay their grubby hands on, only to then recycle trillion-dollar profits through JPMorganChase, Goldman Sachs, CitiCorp, HSBC, Deutsche Bank…

America’s Total War Machine costs trillions of US, UK and European taxpayer dollars and euro, to which we must add further trillions created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve and European Central Banks’ printing presses, which further erode the dollar and the euro so that, in the end, the whole world ends up paying the bill for America’s Total War through currency debasement.

America’s Total War on Terror is fought everywhere, against everyone, and has no end in sight.

Those tens of millions of naïve Americans and Europeans who thought Obama could change things ushering in a “kinder, gentler world”, should look again: when it comes to US foreign policy, there never was and there never will be any real difference between Republicans and Democrats.

So, if you happen to be just walking down the streets of some town in Pakistan or Afghanistan, and by chance stroll by a US “terrorist target” and you’re killed by a drone bomb, you are no longer a “civilian casualty”; you’re not even “collateral damage” anymore!  Because – Presto! – the Obama Total War Doctrine has just turned you into a “militant terrorist combatant”.

Naturally, when drone attacks kill 30, 40 or 100 civilians the US officially brand as “militant terrorists”, they know full well that they haven’t got a clue whom they’re murdering: it could be a local pizza delivery boy, or a milkman, or a high school student, or a newspaper vendor or… what the heck!!Simply brand him/her a “militant terrorist combatant” and close the US Military’s briefing report.  The Western media will anyway obediently report that more “militant terrorists” were just killed in America’s Total War on Terror (or Britain’s, or the EU’s, or Israel’s…).

And don’t you dare say that the Obama Doctrine carries no US Stars-and-Stripes style Justice: because should it later be “posthumously proven” that you we not a militant terrorist but just some guy walking his dog, then America might re-label you as a “civilian casualty”, or even “collateral damage”.  Gosh, I’m feeling better already!!

When the US went into Global Total War on Terrorism mode, these inhuman, hypocritical, criminal, deadly and lying tactics became an integral part of Western-style “democracy” unleashed on our troubled world.

Today, billions of people are wondering where all this is taking us; when will it stop?

The key question is: how can we stop a group of immensely powerful countries that are way out-of-control?  If we are ever to achieve some partial peace, we must first put an end to today’s Total War.


Adrian Salbuchi for RT

Bilderberg power masters meet in the US

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Every time a “Bilderberg Meeting” takes place, important things happen. The last time they met in the US was an election year, 2008 – and the world got Obama. This year they’re back in the US: will they decide who the next president of the United State

­When in 2008 they gathered from June 5 to 8 in Chantilly, Virginia – just a stone’s throw from the Washington DC – Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were neck-in-neck in the battle for the Democratic Party’s presidential candidacy.

On June 5 of that year, Barack and Hillary mysteriously “disappeared” for some hours “somewhere in the DC area.” Their agendas blocked out, they clearly sneaked off to “Meet the Bilderbergers.”

The media kept mum about that, save for an Associated Press report on the campaign trail saying that, “reporters traveling with Obama sensed something might be happening between the pair (i.e. Obama and Hillary) when they arrived at Dulles International Airport after an event in Northern Virginia and Obama was not aboard the airplane. Asked at the time about the Illinois Senator’s whereabouts, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs smiled and declined to comment.” (The AP dispatch “Obama and Clinton meet, discuss uniting Democrats” is, strangely, “no longer available” on their website).

Be that as it may, two days later, Hillary withdrew from the race and Obama became the presidential candidate. Did Bilderberg make Hillary “an offer she couldn’t refuse” to clear the way for Obama to the White House? Did they promise her that she would become his Secretary of State?

Although most Bilderberg annual meetings are held in Europe – France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, England, Scotland, Norway – this US election year they’re again gathering at the Westfield Marriott Hotel in Virginia from May 30 to June 3. Either they’re very fond of that place… or of US elections… or both…!

So the question is: will “key presidential candidacy decisions” be made again this year? Will a Republican wildcard appear? A “God-inspired Burning Bush” of some sort, perhaps?

Exerting Global Leverage

A favorite Bilderberg method consists of inviting wannabe future heads of state to their meetings to determine whether they will go along with their agenda. We thus saw George H. W. Bush attend their 1985 meeting, Bill Clinton attend their 1991 meeting, Tony Blair in 1993, and Romano Prodi, former head of the EU Commission, in 1999.

So what exactly is Bilderberg? It’s neither an organization nor a lobby. The “Bilderberg Meetings,” as they dub themselves in their (apparently) official website www.bilderbergmeetings.com, is a “by-invitation-only” club of around 140 very high-power people from business, finance, oil, politics, media, industry, academia and nobility who come together in a very private no-media / no cameras / extremely-tight-security surroundings to discuss… Well… there’s the rub: what exactly do they discuss?

They describe themselves as “a small, flexible, informal and off-the-record international forum in which different viewpoints can be expressed and mutual understanding enhanced. Bilderberg’s only activity is its annual Conference. At the meetings, no resolutions are proposed, no votes taken, and no policy statements issued.”

True enough. Actually, they don’t need to because each individual member’s power is so very vast that whatever they agree will forcefully span the globe through their far-reaching leverage and clout.

A Global Web of Private Power

Though very high up on the Pyramid, Bilderberg is not the Global Elite’s power center.
Rather, Bilderberg is a key group within a much more vast, more complex, less centralized, and highly effective Global Power Network, where they interact and overlap with other organizations, clubs, lobbies and groups, all having common economic, financial, social and (geo)political objectives in the Globalist Agenda.

This includes such key entities as the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations (long-term geopolitical planners), its London-based sister entity Royal Institute of International Affairs (aka “Chatham House”), RAND Corp., CSIS, the American Enterprise Institute (strategic affairs specialists), Tavistock Institute in London (mass psychology research), the Carnegie Endowment, and the Trilateral Commission “umbrella” entity (founded 1973 by Rockefeller / Morgan / Rothschild interests, geared to coordinating the Americas, Europe and the East).
These so-called “Think Tanks” in turn interact with consultancies like Kissinger Associates, The Carlyle Group (specializing in oil strategies and having the Bush, Bin Laden and Baker families as key shareholders), or Trilateralist Claus Schwab’s World Economic Forum.

Thus, Bilderberg is basically part of that very powerful Global Private Power Web; a “node” so to speak… And a very powerful one at that!!
It’s therefore no surprise to see that last year’s attendee list looks like a Who’s Who of banking, industrial and media CEO top brass: Deutsche Bank, HSBC, CitiCorp, European Central Bank, US Federal Reserve Bank, Lazard Frères, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, World Bank, Bank of Canada, AXA, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Fiat, Nestle, Novartis, Coca-Cola, Airbus, Eni, Telecom Italy, ExxonMobil, Alcoa, Marks & Spencer, Die Zeit, The Economist.

As their website points out about Meeting participants, “about one-third is from government and politics, and two-thirds from finance, industry, labour, education and communications. Participants attend Bilderberg in a private and not an official capacity.”
European nobility regularly attend too: the Dutch Queen, the Spanish King and Queen, Norway’s Crown Prince…

Bilderberg’s high-power participants interact with, and are cross-represented on, the global private power web through membership and directorship in the Trilateral Commission, CFR, AEI, governments, corporations, banks, media and others.

Interestingly, also in attendance are founders and top executives of giant Internet management and intelligence gathering companies as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Microsoft.

Clearly, they run countries around the world, not voting citizens…

Perhaps it’s high time “We the People” in every country started listening to those of us saying,“It’s the Bilderbergers and Trilateralists, Stupid!”

Adrian Salbuchi for RT

Drach to the future! The Greek currency conundrum

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The fear that – fed up with their artificially-created sovereign debt crisis – Greece might abandon the euro sends chills up many a Global Power Master’s spine. So what are the pros and cons of that option to the Greeks?­

Let’s begin by asking whether or not a sovereign country should have its own currency at all.

When the British, Spanish and Portuguese colonies of 19th century America fought for independence from their respective Mother Countries, a key conflict was that London, Madrid and Lisbon not only insisted on controlling colonial trade, but also wouldn’t allow their colonies to coin their own money. So, yes, a tell-tale sign of a colony is when you cannot / will not issue your own currency to run public finances to serve the Common Good.

Does that mean then that European Union countries are colonies? If so, of whom?

First pause: 21st-century colonialism is far less “territorial” than its 19th-century counterpart. It’s no longer a question of New York, Massachusetts or Pennsylvania having to heed King George’s orders from London, or Buenos Aires, Lima and Santiago having to obey the Spanish Court.    Geography is, shall we say, “horizontal”.

Today’s colonialism is far more “vertical”. In a way, today all countries – even the US and UK – are colonies of an Overworld Power Structure: an increasingly centralized financial, political, economic and monetary system so powerful and so all-pervading that, though we may not “see it” – for it has and needs no “geographical center” –  it is, however, everywhere.

From the point of view of sovereign nation-states, 21st-century colonialism controls countries “from above”, even if the global controllers’ euphemistic Orwellian “Newspeak” talks of “markets”, “investors”, “the international financial community”, “sovereign debt crisis”, “toxic assets”, IMF, World Bank, WTO, and so forth.

Second pause: is a national currency really that important? We could ask the Argentineans, now the Greeks – even the Germans – who all have first-hand experience in what it means to suffer monetary meltdowns (when the national currency ceases to exist), but let’s take a look even further back. To ancient China, for instance.

Po-Chü-I was a Chinese sage, poet and politician born in Taiyuan who lived from 772 to 846AD, rising to the rank of governor of Chung-chou in Szechwan. Regarding national currency, he said something like this: let farmers reap their harvests, let bakers bake bread, let forgers make swords, let traders distribute goods throughout the realm, and let warriors defend our borders, but minting money and creating currency must be the sole monopoly and right of the Governor; for therein lies all power.

Lucky for Po-Chü-I, he never attended Harvard or London Business Schools so, untainted by today’s perverse paradigms he perfectly grasped that whoever controls the currency of the land, controls the activities of the land, and thus controls who gets what, when and where, what shall or shall not be done (whether in war or peace), and thus holds the Destiny of the Realm in his hands.

Now, let’s fast forward back to the 21st century and ask the $64 million Chinese question: Should Greece revert to the drachma?

Our Chinese sage would certainly recommend that!   Because when a horrible financial crisis like Greece’s explodes, it’s the Greeks who must decide who should pick up the bill, which requires first understanding who is responsible for the debacle in the first place.

Are the Greek people really responsible for what is happening to them or was it irresponsible usurer global bankster speculation inside and outside Greece? Since finance is globalized, banksters can, vulture-like, spot their prey – for instance a country with a specific set of “opportunistic market conditions” – home in on it, gobble-up its economic sap, then take-off and disappear, leaving behind a horrible mess that someone else (the Greeks, in this case) must clean up.

Mme Christine Lagarde – head of the vulture bankster’s IMF watchdog – clearly spelled it out when she insolently told the Greek people they should “pay their taxes”; bankster-talk for “pay your pound of flesh so we can bail-out the banksters!”.

That’s what happened to Argentina in 2001 and 2002, where local caretaker governments obeyed the banksters to the extreme that six months before our meltdown, Argentina named David Rockefeller’s (JPMorgan Chase / Trilateral Commission / Council on Foreign Relations) and William Rhodes’s (CitiCorp / Council of Foreign Relations / Americas Society) hand-picked economic hit-man Domingo Cavallo as finance minister to engineer a full-fledged monetary collapse.

Cavallo had “invented” a currency board called “convertibilidad” which masked the fact that Argentina had no real currency: for every peso issued there had to be a US dollar in the Central Bank “backing” it. If no dollars came in, no pesos were issued. When vulture “investors” decided to stop the influx of dollars, Cavallo stuck to his “convertibilidad” straightjacket and Argentina’s financial system collapsed into itself.

So Greeks: the road to tread seems clear….  And you, Spaniards, Portuguese, Irishmen, Italians… Lend me your ears!!   Because you’re all next!!!

Controlling your own currency is a key component of national sovereignty. It can ensure economic growth in a balanced and socially responsible manner in good times, and if bad times hit and crises explode, a national currency can become a lifeboat ensuring you don’t sink into oblivion.

Here, bankster “experts” will lash back saying, “yeah sure, governments print more money and you get inflation and… The sky is falling! The sky is falling!!”   Instead, they will recommend you “re-finance” and accept their nice new “mega-loans”, to bail-out their own “toxic debts”, and ensure that the debt-trap cycle can roll on and on and on.

Ask yourself: what’s easier to overcome, higher inflation of your own currency that you can control or…owing unpayable zillions of dollars and euros to international bankers you cannot control?

Shrewd as always, the British understood this when the euro was born. Britain is inside the European Union, but outside the euro, keeping instead their pound sterling. Which doesn’t mean they’re monetary crisis-proof, but…should they run into even deeper trouble, the Bank of England can take whatever emergency measures it considers expedient to protect Britain’s national interest.

Ask yourself: who do you think will be more sensitive to Britain’s needs in times of trouble, the Bank of England in London or the European Bank in Frankfurt, Germany?

Dear Greek friends: take a cue from England and go back to the drachma!! Sort out your mess yourselves, negotiate with the global banksters talking the only “language” they understand, which is not the “invisible arm” of the “market”, but rather the closed fist of national sovereignty attached to that arm!

You can give the banksters a bloody nose – and do it “the Greek Way”!!

That was Po-Chü-I’s message 13 centuries ago, and the Brits’ today… even if the Western media won’t dare spell it out as clearly as that.


Adrian Salbuchi for RT

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