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octubre 24, 2011


The World’s Foremost Problem can be expressed in one short 10-word sentence: AMERICA RULES OVER THE WORLD, BUT…. ZIONISM RULES OVER AMERICA! When you understand this, 90% of what’s going on becomes automatically clear.   Sure, you might say, “it’s not be all that clear-cut”.  Granted:...

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septiembre 28, 2011

The Money Masters: Behind the Global Debt Crisis

In the US, we see untold millions suffering from the impact of mass foreclosures and unemployment; in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Italy, stringent austerity measures are imposed upon the whole population; all coupled with major banking collapses in Iceland, the UK and the US,...

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agosto 8, 2011

Twelve Triggers Driving Mankind Towards World Government

….a dangerous crossing, a dangerous wayfaring, a dangerous looking-back, a dangerous trembling and halting… (words spoken by the tightrope walker) – Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra Know thyself and your Enemy, and you will win all battles; Know thyself and not thy Enemy, for every...

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julio 27, 2011

Keiser Report: Mass Psychosis

Click here to see the video

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mayo 13, 2011

Qadhafi’s Libya Knows How the Global System Really Works

…the system of elected parliaments is based on propaganda to win votes. It is a demagogic system in the real sense of the word. Votes can be bought and falsified. Poor people are unable to compete in the election campaigns, and the result is that...

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abril 27, 2011

Second Republic on American Freedom Radio

I am very pleased to inform that starting next Friday 29th April, 2011, I will be hosting a weekly two-hour radio show on American Freedom Radio ( at 9PM Central Standard Time (7PM PST / 8PM MST / 10 PM EST), called “Second Republic”. The...

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marzo 17, 2011


A Message to the Great Peoples of Egypt, the Middle East and North Africa Hello, Friends, Seeing how things are going in North Africa and the Middle East, and with respect to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit next week to Egypt, I prepared...

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febrero 3, 2011

YOUR FREE WILL: The Global Power Elite’s Achilles Heel

Watch our latest video (Link Here:, explaining the importance of acquiring a strong Freedom Warrior Attitude against the Global Power Elite, by NOT giving in to them; NOT giving them our Free Will; REFUSING TO SERVE THEM!!! We also give a Status Report on...

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enero 3, 2011

Forecast 2011: An End Run Towards World Government

You can watch our latest review of the 12 Triggers being used by the Global Power Elite to drive the worldwide transition from “Globalization” to World Government during 2010 and our Forecast into 2011, in a two part video called “Forecast 2011: An End Run...

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noviembre 28, 2010

New book! The Coming World Government: Tragedy and Hope?

Dear Friends and Colleagues, I am very happy to announce that I have just completed my first book in English, which is now available in electronic format. Its title is “The Coming World Government: Tragedy and Hope?”. You can purchase the 101 page long, “Letter”...

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