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agosto 13, 2014

Sovereign Debt for Territory: A new Global Elite Swap Strategy

In recent decades, dozens of sovereign nations have fallen into ever-deepening trouble by becoming indebted with the “private megabank over-world” for amounts far, far in excess of what they can ever pay back. Is this due to bankers’ professional malpractice coupled with government mismanagement on...

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enero 15, 2014

Israel’s False Flagsover Argentina

The two worst terror attacks in Argentine history occurred in 1992 and 1994: the bombings of first Israel’s Embassy and then the AMIA Jewish Mutual building. Two decades on, no one knows who was responsible forthese horrendous attacks that killed almost 200.  Now, a former...

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diciembre 27, 2013

​FED up? Hundred years of manipulating the US dollar

Monday 23 December marks the 100th Anniversary of the creation of the Federal Reserve System – the Central Bank of the United States of America. The mainstream media are keeping remarkably quiet about this key milestone. No doubt, they know only too well that growing...

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septiembre 3, 2013

Israel: The Missing Link in the Syrian Puzzle

As the world holds its breath, wondering when the US and its allies will attack Syria, Western governments and its well-oiled mainstream media seem to be ignoring a key player that has kept strangely quiet during this crisis: Israel. Today, US power rests heavily on...

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septiembre 3, 2013

The G20 summit’s gonna be tough for Obama…

For Barack Obama, the G20 summit in St. Petersburg will be a tough face-to-face encounter with Mr. Putin, the first since the chemical weapon attack in Damascus. One of these gentlemen blinked; the other one remains very focused. Guess who blinked?

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agosto 8, 2013

Can countries go bust? IMF created new form of modern mass slavery

One can only wonder how horrific debt crises caused by artificially created unsustainable debt burdens could ever be resolved by taking on/imposing ever higher, heavier, long-term debt. When Argentina sank into its worst financial, economic and social crisis in late 2001/2002 forcing it to default...

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abril 3, 2013

Hey, Cyprus… Let’s go back to basics!

Can we have a common-sense explanation of why eurozone finance gone mad threatens to kill the otherwise healthy real economies of European Nations? Much is being said about the Euro crisis exploding today in Cyprus which – like its recent Greek, Irish, Spanish, Portuguese and...

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marzo 20, 2013

Francis: The ‘End of the World’ Pope

After the white-smoke “fumatta” signaled Argentina’s Archbishop of Buenos Aires Jorge Bergoglio now heads the Catholic Church, the attention turns to significant, if subtle, signs surrounding the naming of the new Pope. As soon as Msgr. Bergoglio was chosen, in the privacy of the Vatican...

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marzo 12, 2013

At odds on Iran: US doesn’t share Israeli zeal for military solution

Link: When Israel invaded Southern Lebanon in 2006 they were ignominiously expelled by Iran-backed Hezbollah. Since then, the Jewish State has gone into ‘we-have-to-take-out-Iran’ mode, doing everything it can to drag America to war against Iran.    Almost seven years later, Israel’s window of opportunity...

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marzo 4, 2013

The US is the Don Corleone of International Politics

South America – Venezuela in particular – has been the target of a coordinated campaign by the US government and private industry over the past few years. But those of us who have been paying attention know this is nothing new. WikiLeaks recently published new...

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